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Author's Note: There isn't one!

Disclaimer: I do not own Kuroshitsuji or any of it's characters. I only claim Serena, as well as the demons and descendants that I introduce.

Chapter Seven

Ciel collapsed in his chair, enjoying the silence of his study. The stacks of papers from the morning had been gone through and either signed or rejected, so the surface was clear. Everything was in place and perfect.

'So why do I want to wreck it? Because I sunk to yelling with Edward? And Lizzy...'

A short knock preceded Sebastian into the room. The butler was pushing a cart now loaded with tea and snacks. He knew that his master would appreciate the strong, English tea and sweets after such a scene.

'Do you have the papers?'

'Yes, master.' A small packet was pulled from his inner coat pocket and sat on the desk. Ciel quickly flipped through them and nodded before laying the stack on the desktop.

Sebastian set a cup before the Earl and walked to the door. He opened it just as Serena was about to knock.

'Please come in, my lady.' The butler bowed.

'Thank you, Sebastian.'

Ciel waved her to sit in the chair from last night.

'Alright. Why don't you show me what you have?' He held his hand out.

Serena stared at the hand with a smile. Finally, she handed the couple of pages that she had.

'What is this?' Ciel looked at both and then back at the girl. 'All you have are names...and mostly just first names.'

'That's right.' The girl rested her head in her hand. 'I may not be the brightest crayon in this little crayola box, but I'm smarter than that. There may be an event in what I've seen that if you know about, may completely change the future.'

'Have you thought that that may be the entire reason that you're here? To change something?'

The glare he shot her caused the girl to laugh. 'You're going to have to do better than that, my lord.'


**********************************A Demon's Mate***********************************

Hours later, Ciel and Serena were hunched over the desk writing down the differences in their stories. Most of the differences were timing, some were people that were wrong and some had never happened at all.

'Okay, so the Jack the Ripper case. That was spot on. And you went to Houndsworth, but there was no Pluto or Angela.' Serena made some notes on her paper while taking others and setting them on the floor. 'And, I've seen Snake so the Circus Arc is right. Judging by what I've seen and your own description, I would say that the Midford's are right.'

'Prince Soma and Agni, the curry competition, and their current residence of the townhouse is correct as well.' Ciel shuffled through and pulled out the pages concerning the two Indian men.

'The doll house arc was completely wrong.' She took those pages and tossed them to the floor. Sebastian twitched out of the corner of her eye. 'Earl Grey and Charles Phipps are the queen's actual butlers.'

Serena looked over all the papers on the floor. 'It looks like most of the edits are from the anime.'

'Don't call them edits! This isn't some book, it's my life.' Ciel glared at the red head as he threw the papers he was holding to the desk.

'You're right. I apologize.' She picked up the pages that he had thrown down. 'On the other hand, there seems to be many incidents that I know nothing about. In contrast, they are less...sensational compared to the ones that I do know. It could be why they were left out.' She thought for a moment before picking up another piece of their self-made puzzle.

'The Campania arc was false. I'm not surprised. It was based on the Titanic sinking which doesn't happen until 1912.'

'Really?' Ciel leaned forward at her slip up. 'Why don't you tell me about it?'

'Well, it really was the...' Serena looked up and snapped her mouth shut. 'Damn it. No more questions!'

The Earl smirked at her frustration. It wasn't the first time that she had spilled about future events but always seemed to catch herself before telling too much. He filed away what little she had told him in his memory for future study and moved on with the time line.

'Strange, Snake is here, but you never had the house party that brought him here in the manga. However, it was Soma and Agni who sent him here after finding him at the townhouse.' Holding the page about those chapters she decided to put them at the bottom of her pile of possibles.

Also at the bottom of that pile were papers about Alois and Claude. Ciel had known the Trancy family, but admitted that he didn't know much about them. The current Earl's son had been kidnapped as an infant, but hadn't been found yet. When asked, Serena had merely said it was a case they may receive and moved on. She hadn't told them about the first season ending as she had tossed that page. Without Ash/Angela in the mix, she didn't believe that the queen was behind the murders of the Phantomhive family.

'Let's see, the abbey was a cult that was easily disbanded. That case ended there.' Another paper fluttered to the floor accompanied by another twitch from the butler. 'The Weston College arc did happen, but you won't tell me what happened.'

'Turn about is fair play, my lady.' Sebastian smiled at the red head.

'Yeah, yeah.' Serena leaned back in her chair with a huff. 'Is is just me or are all these pages starting to blend together?'

'They are. It could be that we've been looking at them too long.' Ciel threw the pages over his shoulder to see the demon twitch again. 'This is seeming to be a futile exercise. We're not getting anywhere. From what I can see, I know more than you do.'

'Yes, master. It looks to me that all you are accomplishing is a rather large mess.'

Both looked up to see the angered demon. His smile was cold and frightening to Serena, but another source of amusement to Ciel. The Earl merely smiled.

'Well, I can't let you have too much spare time on your hands, now can I?'

'Yes, master.'

'So what do we do now?'

Ciel rubbed his temple. 'There's one other person that we could ask.'


'Sebastian, prepare the carriage. There's still enough daylight to get to London.' The butler bowed and left the room.

'Who are we going to see?' Serena leaned forward but refused to let herself get too excited.

'The Undertaker will know if there is anything being said about your appearance here.'

'Yes!' The red head jumped from her chair with a hand up and a huge smile on her face.

'You're excited to see the Undertaker?'


'Most find him creepy.' The Earl stood slowly.

Shimeji Sebastian Phantomhive Desktop Background

'He's awesome.' She stopped for a moment. 'Well, at least the one that I know of. But all of your personalities so far have been exact.' She nodded. 'Yeah, still excited.'

'Wait, if the Campania didn't happen and neither did Ash/Angela, then do they know that he's a reaper? Is Undertaker a reaper at all?'

*******************************A Demon's Mate****************************

'Serena,' Ciel looked up from staring out the window. The English countryside held nothing new for the Earl as Sebastian drove the carriage into London.

'Yes, my lord?'

'Why did you not say anything to Edward? I know that you were expecting his accusations, but I thought that you would have at least tried to correct him.' He raised an eyebrow. 'You are not shy about correcting me.'

Shimeji Sebastian Phantomhive Desktop

'True. However, my correcting you is more of teaching.' Serena smirked a little evil. 'Don't mistake it, there's nothing more that I would rather have done than knock his teeth down his throat. However, if I were to act out it would merely confirm his beliefs. If I act the perfect lady, it'll piss him off.'

Ciel stared at her for a moment in disbelief. A strange feeling overtook the current head of Phantomhive as he watched the red head, her words echoing in his ears. A chuckle escaped as the Earl shook his head.

'I think I'm count that as a laugh.' Serena nodded with a proud smile on her face. 'I got you to laugh, kind of.'

Both let out a surprised yelp at Sebastian's appearance, hanging upside down in the carriage window.

'I was merely concerned about the strange sounds I was hearing.'

'Sebastian? If you're here, then who is driving the horses?' Serena dug her nails into the seat as the carriage hit a rut. The butler disappeared as if he had never been there.

'Anyway, a good point in this is that we won't have to worry about Lizzy or the rest of my family sticking their nose into this case.'

'Oh, I've been downgraded to a case now?'

The Earl glared at her.

'I guess there's no helping it, with all the strangeness you're bound to see my appearance as another mystery to be solved. I guess that's okay.' The red head went back to looking out the window. Countryside was giving way to city. Farms to factories, tradition to progress, rolling fields to paved streets and crowded buildings.

'We're almost there. It should only be a few minutes.' The two lapsed back into silence, both watching the life of the city as a show that they had no part to play in.

Serena practically vibrated in her seat as the carriage stopped in front of the Undertaker's parlor. Ciel stared at her brilliant smile and shook his head.

'I still don't understand why you're so excited.'

'The Undertaker is one of my favorite characters from the show. I wonder if the personality is as spot on as you guys?' The red head finally did start bouncing when Sebastian opened the carriage door and had to stop herself from pushing Ciel to get him out of the vehicle faster. 'Do you actually pay him for information in jokes?'

'Ugh, unfortunately.' The Earl didn't knock as he opened the door to the parlor and stepped inside. 'Undertaker? I need to speak with you.'

The white haired man turned from a casket to face the trio, his normal snicker echoing throughout the room as he set the lid down gently. He was exactly as depicted, from his mane of white hair to the heeled boots, to his accent.

'Ah, the Earl of Phantomhive. Are you finally interested in trying out a coffin? You should know more than anyone, that you may need one sooner than you think.'

'No thank you, Undertaker.' Ciel felt air sweep past him as Serena ran across the shop.

'Oh, you're even cooler in person!' The red head took his hands in her own.

'Thank you, I do try.' Undertaker poked the girl in the nose with his long fingernails. 'You are not supposed to be here.'

'There's a newsflash.' She deadpanned, still holding his hands. The man looked beyond her to see Sebastian clench his hands into fists and letting his eyes glow red for a split second. Undertaker burst out laughing. Ciel and Serena looked between the butler and mortician confused.

He shook his head. 'That's good, I'll give you some information for that laugh. But, I wonder what information are you here for; the rapist or the time-traveler?'

'Scotland Yard has charge of such mundane things. We need to know why Serena is here.'

'Ah, you should know that few things cross your path are simple and mundane. The case of the serial rapist is indeed within your sphere of expertise or perhaps I should say your butler's. And that's all I'll give you... until you pay the full toll.'

Undertaker put an arm around the smaller man. 'Give it to me! The greatest laugh I've ever known!'

'Master, Miss Serena. Please step outside.' Sebastian stepped forward with a smirk as the reaper panted in anticipation.

'But I want to know what kind of jokes you always tell him.' Serena whined when Ciel took her arm.

'A lady has no need to hear such things.' The demon pulled his gloves tighter.

'Oh, come on. Is that the defense you are going to use?'

Sebastian just stared at her and refused to say anything. She rolled her eyes while turning away.

'Fine, we'll be outside.'

As Ciel led the way outside, Serena couldn't help but feel left out. She had always wondered what the demon had said to the reaper that got him to laugh so hard. Here was her chance and she was sent away like a little child.

The Earl didn't seem to mind and simply stood waiting for the signal to come back in. As time passed, Serena started to look around, her short attention span getting the best of her. She saw a shop that sold art supplies and wandered off. Looking in the window she realized it was just a stationary shop.

'Well, I have no use for that. It's not like I'll be writing any letters.' She continued to walk while looking at the various shops. Finally, she found what she was looking for. Going inside, she smelled the familiar scent of oils and turpentine, thick drawing paper and charcoals. Touching some of the papers, she wondered if Ciel's generosity from yesterday was still in effect.

'No. Whether he knows it or not, Ciel spent more than enough money on me yesterday. Besides, I'm sure such a large house has drawing paper.' Nodding to herself, Serena quickly left the shop. When she looked around, she didn't recognize the street. 'Great. Will I ever learn not to wander off? I can't be that far, maybe a couple streets over.'

She choose the direction that she thought she had come from and started walking. Making note of her surroundings, Serena realized that nothing looked familiar at all. At another intersection, she stopped to look down each road.

'Are you lost, my lady?'

The red head jumped and turned to a brunette gentleman. He was dressed well with freshly pressed clothing and shined shoes. His hair shined brightly from being well cared for and his smile was easy. Still, there was something about the man that put her on edge.

'It appears so. I'm looking for the Undertaker's parlor. My family has business there.'

'Ah, no wonder you stepped away. Awful business for a lady.' The man held out a hand. 'Still you should not be walking around unescorted. I'll show you back, my lady.'

Hesitating, Serena finally gave the man her hand which he tucked into the crook of his arm. 'My name is Marcus, my lady. It is a pleasure to be your humble guide.'

'Serena, and I thank you very much.'

'No trouble. The Undertaker's parlor is down here. His shop is a little out of the way.'

Serena followed the man into the small by-way. Looking ahead, the girl didn't see his eyes glow as he looked down at her.

*****************************A Demon's Mate****************************************

Sebastian opened the door with a smile on his face. He quickly noticed something was missing. Or rather someone.

Still smiling he looked to the earl. 'Master, where is Serena?'

'She's right...' Ciel looked around the street in confusion. 'She was just here.'

The butler rubbed his temple. 'She's going to be nothing but trouble.'

'Go find her, Sebastian. I'll talk to the Undertaker.'

Suddenly, the silver-haired man popped up behind the demon. 'I believe that some of my information will be useless now. He's found another one.'

'What are you talking about?' The Earl snapped

'The lust demon that's feeding on young women in London.'

A short scream tore through the air. Both the Undertaker and Ciel saw a look of panic cross Sebastian's face.

'Do not leave here, Master.' The sound came from the wind as the demon disappeared.

'Shall we have tea, little lord?'

Author's Note: Yeah, I feel a little evil right now. I will tell you that I already have the next chapter written.