Shimeji Not Falling

my shimejis and faq

This version adds new turning actions as well as asymmetric frames! Lots of potential for artists!To use this new version with an existing shimeji, the only.

more too be added in the future

Shimeji Not Falling

~frequently asked questions~

Shimeji Not Falling Away

How do I run two different shimejis at once?

Shimeji Not Falling In Love

you need to run the shimeji.jar file instead which looks like this

the shimeji.jar file isn’t working!

this means you haven’t extracted the files from the .zip or .rar

to extract just select all the files and click the extract to to extract to your desktop. This should help to make the shimeji run you also need java

Ooh and you make _____________?

I kind of just do whatever character I feel like so I’m sorry, but they don’t take very long so who knows

How do you make them do a certain action

Shimeji not falling apart

their actions are completely random, but if you are trying to make the titan trio turn titan I could right clicking on their icons and clicking the second option to make them follow your mouse around and have them stand around makes them do it.

I’ll add more questions later if you all have any more