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Shimeji Frisk Desktop Download

So! Someone had trouble getting the Shimejis to work, so I'm gonna do a Tutoriel.

FOR ALL YOUR DESKTOP FRISK NEEDS. See More by de-termination. My Asriel shimeji is going to get a playing buddy! id: two screenshots of ace attorney shimejis, or desktop pets. The first image shows apollo justice and klavier gavin sitting on top of a discord window. Apollo has his eyes closed and his hands in his lap and klavier is playing the guitar. The next image is three ema skyes standing on a taskbar and says 'aa4 shimeji!!' With some sparkles.

Shimeji Frisk Desktop Wallpaper


First, you're gonna want to visit this website
You need to login to view this link
I think the only requirement is having Java
Anyways, the 3 options below are Calm shimeji, 'Normal' shimeji, and Mischievous Shimeji.
The first one will walk around and do absolutely nothing
The second will move faster and can randomly multiply itself. Protect your RAM
The third one can do all of that, and will also move your mouse and your open windows around. You can still undo it all with the click of a button

The options in the Shimeji menu, which you can access on the windows bar, under hidden icons, are as follows
-Add another one
-Follow mouse
-Reduce to one
-This one is probably revert all changes, so give your windows back and all that. Since I don't have that Shimeji I don't know for sure
-Goodbye all (closes shimeji)

Now you may be thinking
'that's cool and all, but I don't want a white blob around my computer!
And I have the solution to that!
Just visit this website, browse and choose your favorite shimeji!
You need to login to view this link
Afterwards, go into the IMG folder in the new shimeji, and place all of the images on the Original IMG folder, replacing all when prompted.
Then just run the Shimeji either from the .exe or the Java app, both in the main folder, and you should see your new buddy fall down into your pc!

And this is the result! You can choose your favourite model and have little buddys running around your pc, have them block your tabs and whatever you're writing
or amass an army of them and invade neighboring pc's with cuteness

Hu? Who said that?