Sans Shimeji Tutorial

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For Android: 4.1 and upGuide: Shimeji Friends cheats tutorial
When updated: 2019-02-09Star Rating: 4.6666665
Name: Shimeji Friends hack for androidExtension: Apk
Author: Potato FrontierFile Name: com.potatofrontier.shimejifun
Current Version: 1.1User Rating: Everyone
Downloads: 1000-Version: mod, apk, unlock
System: AndroidType: Education

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i need more slots for shemji

I need more Shimeji Slots



Shimeji Tutorial For Windows 10

Olol bobo metanga


lolhi i need a code


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About the application:

Shimejis are animated heroes that play on your mobile screen and another apks. You can hold your current background and simply add a Shimeji on top.More than 150 pets available.If you wish beautiful mini game and anime heroes keeping you company, then this apk is for you. With over 150 to select from, these shimejis will never allow you down. You can put up to 12 shimejis in the apk. Each shimejis has fresh animations added that another apks don't have.All shimejis are accessible for gratis downloads. Test them out, now. More heroes and animations will come so please hold supporting us.Shimejis are a animated heroes which play on your phone’s screen and you can make batter them to be inside another apks. You can hold your current wallpaper and add the animated mascots on top.

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