Sano Boyfriend To Death Shimeji

Find out if shaky cam is used in Boyfriend to Death from over 8 other people who have already played it. Sano's route contains a laboratory that is vaguely like a. Lost a lot in his life and goes out of his way to pick up the pieces -Ingame Description of the Main Character (BTD1)Minor Character (BTD2) Sano is the dateable protagonist in Boyfriend to Death: All. In the sequel, Sano makes a short appearance in the extras and in Vincent's itinerary. The contents of the.


Sano Boyfriend To Death Shimeji

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You're a medical student, open to knew ideas and interested in learning how to get along with the new demon species that have merged with your own. An important keynote speaker at your college takes a very dark interest in you. You wanted to get close to him but not as close as he wants to get to you. You're the victim of his interests as he drags you to his home and binds you there. You have to survive his tests... or suffer a fate worse than death.


Sano Akira Annabelle

Sano Kojima

Sano is a surgeon who specializes in emergency health care. He runs his own private research in his basement.

Akira Kojima

Sano's younger twin brother with a rough and violent streak. He usually works with organized crime syndicates.

Annabelle Winter

Annabelle is a mysterous young woman who lives with the Kojima twins.

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Sano Boyfriend To Death Shimeji Anime

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