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May 11, 2019 Bypass Google Account FRP Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Latest 2019 Method We have another best and working method for Samsung Galaxy Core Prime FRP Bypass, good thing is that, you don’t need any or software to bypass google account Samsung Galaxy Core Prime, just follow our best and easiest steps from below to access your galaxy core prime. Download and Unpack Combination firmware and Samsung firmware with ADB communication for your SAMSUNG G361F Galaxy Core Prime. Install USB Drivers. Install Mini ADB and Fastboot with Drivers. Unpack FRP Unlocker by Team. Dec 08, 2015 Hi, got the core prime. Was locked to a network so paid to have it unlocked (standard stuff) when we got the phone back we logged into the google account and the pone shut down. When turned back on it said in red writing in the top corner 'Custom Binary blocked by FRP Lock then shuts off.

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Bypass Google Account Samsung Galaxy Core Prime SM-G361H Unlock FRP

How to Bypass Google Account in Samsung Galaxy Core Prime SM-G361H

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FRP Lock:

Factory Reset Protection is a type of security feature for android users, this feature is enable on all of the Android Smartphones. So that if someone steal your phone they can not use it until they passed the FRP lock by giving the Gmail ID and Password (Google Account) details.

Well, in case you forgot about the Google password and you still know the Email of your account. You still need to wait for 72 Hours (3 Days) to logon with your mobile. Password reset request will take straight 72 hours, that means you have to wait for 3 days without using your Samsung Galaxy Core Prime SM-G361H phone.

Bypass Samsung Core Prime SM-G361H Unlock FRP Method:

1. First download SideSync software: SideSync for Samsung and install it into your PC.

2. Open SideSync and then connect Galaxy Core Prime SM-G361H phone with USB data cable to the PC. Just after connection it will show you 3 options on your mobile screen “Galaxy apps, Chrome, Internet” select Internet.

3. Remove the phone from PC then type this url in the search bar of your mobiles browser: and download Quick Shortcut Maker application.

4. Install QuickShortcut.apk and open it then search for (Google Account) and select the first result with (Google account manager).

5. In this section many account managers will appear, you need to choose one with (Time Email and Password) open this one. Then tap on “/Try” after that in the next screen tap on the top right hand side corner of your screen.

Last Four Steps To Completely Bypass Google Account From Samsung Galaxy Core Prime:

6. Select “Browser Sign-in” option and sign in with your own Gmail account. Enter Gmail ID and Password of your google account and login with it.

7. After logged in with your google account, it means your new google account is now synced with your Samsung Core Prime SM-G361H device.

8. Once redirected to google account page, just press power button and select restart to reboot the device.

9. Once the device restarted you can complete the initial setup of Samsung Core prime smartphone and FRP lock will no more active in your phone.

Last Words:

This is the easy and step by step method to Remove Google Account and delete FRP (Factory Reset Protection) from your Samsung Galaxy Core Prime SM-G361H phone.

Bypass Google Account Samsung Galaxy Core Prime SM-G361H
Samsung google frp unlock
How to Bypass Google Account On Samsung Galaxy Core Prime SM-G361H Unlock FRP. Delete and Remove Google account and FRP lock from Samsung Core Prime guide.

Due to many forms of online threats nowadays, major tech companies come up with security protection for their customers and users. One of such ways that Google and its partners use to add security to Android devices is called Factory Reset Protection or FRP. In order to work, FRP must be activated on the device first. This is done by adding a Google account on the device. The registered Google credentials then become the way to unlock FRP. Once activated, the target device will then ask for these credentials after a factory reset. This makes it difficult for thieves to use the device since they won’t be unable to unlock it. Unfortunately, this can also be a double-edged sword as the same security protection can make life difficult for users who forget their Google credentials after a factory reset, or for those who buy pre-owned devices with FRP enabled on them.

This article is intended for those looking for ways to bypass FRP ( Factory Reset Protection ). If you’re one of them, go ahead and check the different methods to try below.

Method 1: How to bypass Google Account Verification FRP using Google credentials

This is the easiest way to take care of FRP lock or block and perform an FRP bypass on any Android device is by using the registered Google credentials. This is how FRP is supposed to be unlocked and it should be your primary option in this situation. Basically, what you want to do is to enter the correct Google username and password and that’s it. Don’t forget: FRP was designed to deter thieves from using a stolen device as well as to revalidate access to it if you are the legitimate user. If you can’t provide the correct username and password, then you can consider resetting your password instead.

Bypass Samsung Google Frp

This workaround only works if your device is currently connected to the internet. This means that its mobile data or WiFi must be enabled ahead of time. This usually happens in cases wherein a user factory reset the device but did not turn off WiFi or mobile data before doing it. Resetting your Google account password must also be done using a different phone or device like a computer. Here’s what you need to do exactly:

Reset your Google account password

  1. If you forgot your password, go to You’ll be asked to confirm if you have the right account by entering the email address or phone number associated with that account.
  2. Choose a password that you haven’t already used with this account.

Recover username

  1. If you forgot the username for your Google account, go to Just like in resetting your Google password, you’ll need to enter the recovery email of your forgotten account. This can be another email or phone number.
  2. In your recovery email (the other email Google will send recovery instructions to), find the email from Google and follow the steps.

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Once you’ve done any of the two procedures above, try to do FRP unlock again using the new password.

How to check which Google account to reset

Samsung Core Prime Google Frp Download

If you have several Google accounts and can’t figure out which one was used on the device, go to using another device. Then, log in with your Google username and password and check the list of devices associated to that account. do the same process for each and every Google account.

Samsung Core Prime Google Frp Download

However, if you have Google account lock issues and is unable to perform google account bypass — try the next solution.

Samsung Core Prime Google Frp Tool

Method 2: How to bypass Google Account Verification FRP by flashing

If you are a legit buyer of a preowned device and there’s no way to unlock FRP using the first method, then the best shot for you is to let someone flash the software. This is not an official suggestion from Samsung so you won’t be able to get help from them with this one. Flashing means manually installing a new or stock version of the phone’s firmware. This requires a special set of software tools and some Android knowledge to pull off. This was originally the way for manufacturers to wipe a device but it soon found its way to Android community. Understandably, bright Android 5 users and other versions then began using this procedure to modify stock firmware on devices as well as to force non-official firmware on smartphones. There’s no universal way to flash Android devices and variations in some steps even exists for the same phone models. It is extremely risky even for seasoned Android users so we suggest that you let a technician or someone with experience to do it for you. Flashing your device can brick it and in some cases, even result to permanent damage. Do it at your own risk.

Method 3: Bypass Google Account Verification FRP by asking support from OEM

If you are the original owner of the device and nothing has worked so far, we highly recommend that you get help from the maker of the device. For instance, if you have a Samsung phone, you can visit your local Samsung Service Center so they can flash the software or do Samsung FRP bypass. When it comes to lock FRP, Samsung requires that you also show the original receipt or proof of purchase so be sure to have that with you when visiting them to perform FRP unlock . Remember, FRP is a security feature and they want to make sure that only the owner of the device asks them for help. They may also ask you for a valid ID to ensure that you are the person listed in the receipt. Once you identification has been verified, then they can go ahead and perform FRP bypass Samsung device.

Method 4: Follow unverified tricks

Third party and unverified ways to unlock FRP exists all over the web but you should be careful with them. Samsung and other phone makers have already made great strides to fix loopholes to strengthen FRP so there’s no guarantee that these methods still work at this time. Some of the ways to unlock FRP, with even some of them claiming they can be done remotely, are not free. If money is not an issue, then go ahead and use them. Since they are not officially supported by Google and phone makers, it’s also possible that they can compromise the security of the device afterwards. We haven’t not actually used any one of these unofficial ways to unlock FRP so we can’t recommend any one of them. In general, we won’t suggest that you even try but since it’s your phone to begin with, it’s for you to assess whether or not they’re worth taking the risks.