Samsung A20 Frp Bypass With Pc

Samsung has updated their security patch on their devices. so that’s why old talkback method is not working now for bypassing FRP lock from Samsung A20 devices. So that’s why we are here to demonstrate you how to unlock frp bypass from Samsung A20 very easily. If you forget the Google Account password after the factory reset of your device, then it comes very usefully to access your device home screen once again. check below you can find the latest Samsung A20 FRP Bypass process shared in the below guide to solve your FRP lock issues.

What is FRP lock Protection

Samsung a20 FRP bypass without sim card. Tap on Sound and vibration from the touch and feedback option. Now tap on the Ringtone option then the SIM card selection option will appear, simply tap on the SIM 1. Samsung FRP Bypass 2020. Tap once on the Plus (+) icon then the Sound picker wants to access your phone’s photo, media, and files.

Google has introduced a new feature with the released of Android 5.0 (Lolipop), maybe you might hear about FRP (Factory Reset Protection) feature on Android. yes, this is the new feature Google has introduced to all Android users to protect their personal data, if you found a lost phone or maybe some problem if you are factory reset your device and forget the old pre-sync Google account then this app and the below guide will help you a lot. before you start the process you need enter your device into the recovery mode and check the software version of your device. because this method working on new patch only.

Samsung A20 Recovery Mode:-

There was a two process for put your Samsung device into the Recovery Menu. First step works on old Samsung Galaxy devices, which devices have Home button in front of the device:

Press and Hold Volume UP and Power key Until you see the Recovery logo on your device.

Then wait for a few sec you will redirected to the Recovery mode, Then check below pic you will where you can find the Android version of your device.

Once you see your device software version then, if your device has latest version of security patch then you can follow the below process carefully. to unlock frp from your device you need a Wifi connection, A pin lock enable sim card and this new FRP bypass apk.

How to enable Pin lock on any Sim card

This guide will help you how to enable pin lock on any sim card, first of all, you need any other Android or any device that you have,

-After that, insert the sim card on your other Android.

-Open the menu and then go to the settings application.

-Now if you have Android device then go to the lock and security feature. or if you have any keypad phone then just go to sim setting from there, or if you have ios device then go to sim settings from there.

-After that, tap on the enable pin lock option from there.

-Then type your password that you can remember easily, becasuse if you forget the pin code you will get only 3time to enter the password, if you type the worng password more than 3times your simcard will be blocked.

-So follow this above steps very carefully.

-Once you enable the pin lock on your sim card, then follow the below process to Samsung A20 FRP Bypass successfully.

Let’s start to Samsung A20 FRP Bypass

First of all, connect your device to a wifi network,

Next, a setup wizard will open where you need to follow the basic instructions.

Once the Google Account screen appears. Then you need to enter the google account login credentials.

But because of the reason you lost the phone or don’t remember it, you need to follow the below steps.

Now, you need to insert the pin enable sim card,

How to enable Pin lock-in Sim card:

insert the sim card in your any other device,

Then go to sim settings,

Now there you will get the option “enable Pin lock”.

Then put the password there.

Ok now remove the sim card,

After that, insert the sim card in your FRP lock enable device.

After that, Your device will ask you to put the sim pin lock,

Now follow this instruction very carefully, otherwise, this method will not work.

Ok now enter the pin code, then press the ok and power button same time.

Now you will get a notification on your display.

Then swipe the notification left to right and then you will get the bell icon.

Tap on that, now you will get notification setting in the notification bar.

Ok, tap on the notification settings.

Then you will be redirected to the Notification settings page.

There you see See All option, just tap on that,

Now tap on the Most recent and select All option from there.

Then go down and select the Youtube app from there.

After that, go down and tap on the In-app Notifications settings.

Then there go to About and then tap on the Youtube terms of service there.

Congrats now you will access the chrome browser.

Now download the FRP Bypass apk to FRP Bypass from your device.

Check below you will get the download link of FRP Bypass APK.

Once downloaded then tap on the 3 dots from the top right corner.

Then tap on the downloads and then install the FRP Bypass apk on your device.

Now you will get another popup, tap on the settings from there.

Enable the Allow this source from there.

Once done, then install the FRP Bypass apk from there.

Once installation is completed, then tap on the open button.

Now install the Google account manager 6 from there.


Once installation completed then tap on the Done button.

Now tap on the frp bypass option and then tap on the Browser Sign-In.

Once done, then tap on the 3dots from the top right corner.

Then tap the browser sign-in option.

Now login there with your Gmail ID.

Then Restart your device.

Once restart your device,

Next, a setup wizard will open where you need to follow the basic instructions.

Now you can access your device your home screen once again.

Done, Now you have successfully did Samsung A20 FRP Bypass. Once restart you won’t face any FRP bypass issue anymore. Once restarting your device, you won’t face any FRP lock issue anymore.

Download FRP Bypass Apk

-To Samsung A20 FRP Bypass you need to download this FRP Bypass APK from here, with this link you can easily able to download the latest FRP Bypass apk file for sure but on your lock screen you need to follow the below step:

First step: Type on your browser search bar:

Then you will visit our FRP Bypass apk download page.


Check the article and then go to the download section and download the FRP Bypass apk from there.

That’s it guys, this is easiest way to download the FRP Bypass Apk on your FRP lock enable phones easily.

Watch Some Video Tutorial to Fix FRP Lock (Google Account Verification) look Easily

Method 2:-


FAQ Samsung FRP Bypass

In this post, we are trying to covering most frequently asked questions in Google related to FRP bypass apk. So let’s take a look at them:

Q. Does its work on all Google Android device?

Well, we are trying to covering all the latest FRP Bypass methods that’s helps to bypass almost all Android devices, and the FRP bypass apk support almost all latest and old Android devices very easily, if you are the latest version of Android device users then its also work on that too.

Q.How to turn off FRP lock from Samsung devices?

Ans. Well go to settings menu then scroll down and select Account & management then click on the Signed in Google account, check below then you will get Remove Account option, remove the Google account to turn of the Frp feature or turn sync off to turn off the FRP lock feature from samsung devices.

Q. FRP bypass apk can be used only on Samsung devices or all android devices?

Well, you can use this application to Bypass factory reset protection on your Android devices, This application compatible with all the latest and old Android devices. There is no limitation on that.

Q. FRP Bypass apk is safe or not?

Ans. This application is completely safe, no need any worry using this application.

Q.FRP Bypass apk is free or not?

Ans. Well, this application is 100% free, you don’t need any extra money to buy this application.

Q.How does this application works?

Ans. Check out our detailed guide, just download the app then install and open the application then sign in there with you’re any google mail id that’s it.

Q. Can I use this app in all Samsung FRP lock devices also?

Yes, FRP bypass application support almost all the latest and old Android devices very easily, if you are an latest version of Android users then its also work on that too.

Q. There are many other methods available to Bypass Factory Reset Protection?

Ans. In this article, we already mention all those FRP bypass methods and tools, but every two or three moths android has updated there security patch system, so check out our website we also published some other method to Bypass FRP lock from various Android devices.

Samsung A20 FRP Bypass without SIM Card is the best method to unlock smartphone with the simple and easy to follow steps. As this guide is free easy to follow and apply on your phone. You don’t need to use computer or laptop for this method.

Also, there is no need to use RealTerm or any third party software which helps to remove FRP lock from many different models of Samsung A20. But, today we have managed to create a simple to follow method which can be follow by any nontechnical user.

There are many methods available for Samsung A20 FRP Bypass. This method works for many Samsung Galaxy phones including Samsung A20 phone.

On the other hand, you can easily remove “Google account verification” lock using this free guide. In case, you’ve a different android device you can use the search bar to search the FRP bypass methods particularly for your device.

What is FRP Bypass Samsung A20 and how you can unlock FRP?

When FRP lock is enabled on a device, you need to provide account’s username and password for the last Google account you used to login to the device.

This can be difficult if you’re using a second-hand phone or if you forgot the login details of Google account. But there are a number of Samsung A20 FRP bypass methods created for Android devices to remove FRP from the smartphone or tablet.

This bypass FRP method is made for “Samsung A20 FRP bypass” that helps you to get into the device Settings and delete the previous phone data and Google account login details.

Best method to bypass FRP lock from Samsung A20:

After deleting the details you can set up the phone as new. There may be a number of random workaround on the Internet but they tend to get patched immediately they are discovered by Google.

You can also deactivate the security lock using the “FRP bypass APK 2020”. Disabling FRP is easy although there is nothing to remind you to do it when you’re deleting the phone’s data.

The goal of any user is to see a reminder about FRP lock when resetting, just like you get a reminder when you’re about to lose an account or data. Until then, it’s up to you to remember to disable it when you want to send it someone else.

In this Samsung A20 FRP Bypass method, we are going to cover this in total of 10 steps. Fortunately, all the steps are covered by the images. Which are notified by the arrows in the images for each step or selected option. This will help you to apply each and every step carefully and easily.

The reason could be anything which makes you to bypass FRP lock from Samsung A20 device. We have a solution for this problem. You can easily unlock any Samsung A20 phone with Android 9/9.1 Pie or higher version.

In this method, we are going to discuss about the steps which can help you to easily unlock, remove and bypass lock from Samsung A20 and other Samsung Galaxy phones having Android 5 or higher version.

Samsung A20 Specifications:

Samsung A20 Plus launched in the month of June, 2017. Its body weight is 198 grams (6.98 oz.). It has a (Gorilla Glass 3) on front and its back and side frame are made of Aluminum.


Samsung A20 has a capacitive touchscreen of IPS LCD with 16M Colors. This phone’s Screen size is 5.5 Inches and 83.4 Cm2 (with a body ratio of 69.5%). Its resolution based on 720 x 1280 pixels with ppi density of 267.


Samsung A20 comes with (Android Nougat 7.1.1) with a chipset of Mediatek MT6737 (28nm). It has a Cortext-A53 CPU of Quad-core 1.3 GHz.


This Samsung Galaxy smartphone comes with 16GB to 32GB of Memory and 3GB of RAM. With a dedicated slot of microSDXC.


This guide is specifically made for real smartphone owners. do not apply this method on stolen phones.

Must Have List for Samsung A20 FRP unlock method?

  1. Wi-Fi Connection.
  2. Battery should be more than 75%.
  3. Google Account Manager Application.
  4. Bypass FRP Lock APK
  5. Most importantly your Smile! : )

Samsung A20 FRP Bypass Without SIM Card- Step by Step Method:

  • Turn on Samsung A20 android phone by pressing Power Button.
  • Connect Samsung Galaxy A20 to a home Wi-Fi network.
  • Tap on Settings Gear > this will open Samsung Keyboard in your phone.
  • Click on Back Arrow < then tap on Google Voice Typing option.
  • Tap on Search button > then type Open Web Pages and select the first option.
  • Inside General, scroll down and tap on Manage Pending Searches option.
  • Then, click on Search button > type Galaxy Store and select the result.
  • This will open Galaxy Store application inside your Samsung A20 phone.
  • Click on Update button > then tap on OK > and then it will take 2-4 minutes to finish the updates.
  • Inside Recent, scroll down and click on Search Button > then type Galaxy Store in the search bar.
  • After that, select the application in the results.


  • Once you open Galaxy Store, type “Google Play Services Hidden Settings” in the search bar of Galaxy Store.
  • Install this application and the Open it.
  • Now, you need to Sign In with your Samsung Account using Google Play Services.
  • Scroll down and select Google Play Services >> then tap on Pattern option >> after that Set a new pattern and click on the Confirm button.
  • On the next screen, click on the Yes, I am in button at the bottom of your Samsung A20 screen.
  • Then, Confirm your new pattern >> and finally click on Understood button.
  1. At this step, you don’t need to restart your Samsung A20 smartphone. Just go back to the Welcome Screen and then it will ask you to unlock phone using the Pattern lock.
  2. Once you unlocked the pattern, click on SKIP button and complete the initial setup of your Samsung A20 phone.
  3. Which means, Factory Reset Protection lock aka Google verification lock is no more activated in your android phone.

Bingo! Factory Reset Protection lock is successfully bypassed from Samsung A20 android smartphone. In case, you are not able to bypass FRP lock from Samsung A20 then feel free to comment below.

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Congratulations, you can now complete the initial setup of your Samsung A20 bypass and you’ll see the new Google account has been added successfully. That means “FRP bypass Samsung A20” is completed successfully and you don’t need to face that error again.

Samsung A20 Frp Bypass With Pc Tool

Samsung A20 FRP Bypass 10 New Method - Without SIM Card
Samsung A20 FRP Bypass 10 New Method - Without SIM Card. If latest security appears use FRP bypass Samsung A20 10.0 PC free guide 2021.

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