Redhead Girl Shimeji

Shimeji are little desktop companions that run around your computer screen, be it mischief or cuteness depending on the shimeji you use! Pick from the best characters drawn by artists all over the world. Shimeji requires Java and runs only on Windows.
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Shimeji-ee is an open source project. This website hosts my personal improvements to the software. You can find all sorts of characters to download online as well as at my DeviantArt group.
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My gift to you guys, tonight! A Snake!England Shimeji! He’s not perfect, but I’m happy with him and ready to share you with him!

I FINALLY FINISHED. Kagerou Project/ Mekakushi City Konoha Shimeji. By downloading this Shimeji you have acknowledged that you may not abuse the art by tracing, heavily referencing, using it as a base, reposting individual files, etc. Contact [email protected]/DA for questions regarding permission. ( I WILL NOT ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS ON HOW TO MAKE A SHIMEJI OR THE PROGRAM ITSELF. Ellie Rose is the tritagonist of the Henry Stickmin series, who appears as the deuteragonist of Fleeing the Complex and the overall tritagonist of Completing the Mission. All informations about the playable Genshin Impact characters. Read the lore and trivia of your favourite Genshin Impact character. «Powerpuff» search results are not any exclusion. Back in my junior days, I used to engage in a lot of pornography games, notably those «Powerpuff» search results.Shit was hypnotizing as hell, so making relationships together with individuals animation bitches and attempting all night to make them carry off their clothes and suck on off you.


Installation Instructions:

Once downloaded, open the file that is labeled conf and find the two files named 42.4 and 9.91

Rename 42.4 to 動作

Rename 9.91 to 行動

Shimeji-ee (Big thanks to Flusterbob!)

This one gave me the most trouble to work, to be honest. we spent a good hour trying to work it. Finally, however we got it to work. This particular Shimeji has an English Tool Bar and more option, such as a ‘kuro’ version of him (he’s a meanie) I cannot guarantee this one will work perfectly!

Flusterbob’s Version

Owyn’s Version

For my version you’ll need to open up the File and open the Windows Batch File (named Shimeji-ee) and past this into it:

start Quiet.exe “C:Program Files (x86)Javajre7binjava” -classpath Shimeji-ee.jar -Xmx1000m com.group_finity.mascot.Main -Djava.util.logging.config.file=./conf/

Unfortunately, you’ll need to enter this every time in order for him to work, but it’s worth it! I’ve included this in the filed named Owyn’s Notes

For additional Shimeji-ee help, refer to this journal here!


Your little snake buddy with be ready for fun immediately after following these instructions! Have fun with him! And be careful, he likes to run off with browsers!


It has come to my attention that Shimeji will not work properly on your computers. Please refer to this tutorial to have your shimeiji work! For the Shimeiji-ee, I cannot find any Mac Versions, but if you do, please share!

Redhead Girl Shimeji Gif

Now New and Improved downloading! I cannot make a .rar file, but if someone can do it tell me and I’ll add it here!