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I'm looking to modify a WPF ListView so that the items are rendered horizontally, and there is a separator between the first item and all subsequent items. Something like this:

I've got the horizontal bit, but I'm stuck with the separator. I tried using a DataTemplate, but this incorporates the separator into the actual item which means it gets highlighted when I hover (note I'm using Caliburn, but I don't think it will affect the question much):

Sol2: Lua C Binding Framework. Sol2 is now ready to be released, with shiny new Documentation! I've been hard at work for the past few weeks after an earlier r/cpp post asking about the state of Lua C binding frameworks turned up a number of answers that were unsatisfactory to me. So, I've improved the library I've been working on.

The Items are very basic views with this border:


How it looks with DataTemplate:

After spending the morning reading up on templates, I decided that a ControlTemplate was the solution which after a struggle gave me this code:

This looks almost identical, but now I'm unable to highlight items for some reason. I thought maybe I had overridden the triggers as well, and tried adding in a ControlTemplate.Triggers entry based on this answer: Change selection-color of WPF ListViewItem to bring back highlighting behaviour, but without success.

Lua C++ Template Binding Instructions

How can I get the result I'm looking for, and is the ControlTemplate the right place to be making this change?

EDIT: Ideally I'm looking for a solution using just xaml.

Lua C++ Template Binding Software

Here is a quick attempt of custom panel with separator

Lua C++ Template Binding Tool

use it like this

Lua C++ Template Bindings

Currently panel doesn't arrange/measure children to allocate space for separator, you will have to ensure there is a margin between them.