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Massive collection of royalty free 2D game assets, 3D game assets, 3D models, 3D objects, textures, audio, sound effects and more for modelling software and game development software provided by hundreds of fantastic artists. Make fast multiplayer games or connect to protocols like http, irc, ftp, etc. Winsock - h0bbel. This DLL allows you to communicate from a server to multiple clients. Browser DLL - Roach. This DLL allows a user to embed an IE window into their game and perform many actions upon it, such as back, forward, and other things. TinyWeb DLL - Porfirio. Lua scripts must be placed on SD card in correct folders and have an extension.lua. Maximum Lua script file name length is TODO characters. The script folders have been reorganized in OpenTX 2.0.3. The folder structure looks like this: /SCRIPTS/WIZARD/ - For the Wizard script. /SCRIPTS/MIXES/ - For model. With CRYENGINE, we have a simple goal: to create the most powerful game engine in the industry, and to give creators all across the globe the tools to harness this power to create world-class gaming experiences, no matter their budget or team size. CRYENGINE makes the learning curve less steep with full source code, clear tutorials.

Welcome to the official documentation of Core, the community-focused game creation tool with everything you need to develop and publish high quality games.

Core Features¶

  • Built-in multiplayer: Share and play with friends anywhere in the world.
  • One-click publishing: Launch your game with the push of a button.
  • Community collaboration: Bolster your creation with objects, scripts, and games shared by other Core Creators.
  • The tools you need: VFX, audio, materials, textures, skyboxes, terrain sculpting, heightmaps, scripting, and an expansive list of features in the works.

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Ready to get started? Create your first game!¶


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Organization of the Documentation¶

  • Getting Started explains the essential information you need to start using Core, from installation to making a game.
  • The Tutorials section contains step-by-step instructions to make specific features or full games. It includes an introduction to Lua scripting in Core, and a collection of examples to learn from and use.
  • Editor Manual explains the tools of the Core Editor, and how to customize them for specific uses.
  • Core API holds formal information about scripting in Core, including a Lua style guide and references for all game components.

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About Early Access¶

Core is in Early Access, which means it is still in early stages, with many features yet to come. As an Early Access Core Creator, you are invited to push the boundaries of the platform and design new types of games and experiences in Core. We appreciate your feedback, bug reports, and participation in the Creator Community as we push Core to continuing greatness together.

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About the Documentation¶

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The Core documentation is continuously written and edited by Manticore and members of the Creator Community. To contribute, click the edit icon in the top right corner of any page of the documentation.