How To Set X-mouse Button Control To Numbers Letters

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Function Keys

1) When you run X-Mouse it will put a small icon in your system tray, shaped like an old-school mouse. Right-click this and select the 'Setup' option. 2) You will see a screen with a pane on the left titled 'Application / Window Profiles:' containing one profile called 'Default'. X-Mouse Button Control User Guide X-Mouse Button Control is a Windows application for remapping your mouse buttons. It is not a driver for pointing devices, but rather works in conjunction with the installed drivers. For a long time XMBC has supported binding buttons to an individual process and now includes binding to. Joy1 through Joy32: The buttons of the joystick.To help determine the button numbers for your joystick, use this test script.Note that hotkey prefix symbols such as ^ (control) and + (shift) are not supported (though GetKeyState can be used as a substitute).

Show Help ManualF1
Toggle Properties PaletteF2
Toggle Style Editor dialogF3
Toggle Layers PaletteF6
Toggle All GuidesF11
Toggle All palettesF12

Generic Company Place Holder X-Mouse Button Control Most computer users do most of their clicking on the left side of the mouse. Many make good use of the right button as well. Button/control, in other words you are currently manipulating it. If no highlight is seen when manipulating a control, then its current message/button is not compatible with X-Mouse Button Control. The three buttons in the upper right corner can be used to copy the layer (to another profile or layer).

Control, Shift, Alt Keys

FunctionShortcutfor Scribus 1.5 (when different)
Select AllControl-A
Deselect AllControl-Shift-A
Get Text or ImageControl-D
Item DuplicateControl-Alt-Shift-D
Search and ReplaceControl-F
Lock ItemControl-L
Lock Item SizeControl-Shift-L
Group ItemsControl-G
Document InformationControl-I
Delete ItemControl-K
New FileControl-N
Open FileControl-O
Save AsControl-Shift-S
Ungroup ItemControl-Shift-G
Close FileControl-W
Edit with Story EditorControl-YControl-T
Select AllControl-A
DeSelect AllControl-Shift-A
Zoom to fitControl-0
Zoom to 100%Control-1
Zoom InControl-Plus
Zoom OutControl-Minus
Zoom In/OutControl-Mousewheel
Smart HyphenControl-Shift-Minus
Non Breaking SpaceControl-Space
Insert Page NumberControl-Alt-Shift-P
Raise to topHome
Lower to bottomEnd
Frame BreakControl-Return
Column BreakControl-Shift-Return
Stacked Objects, next in Z-orderControl-Shift-LMouse
Resizing object when other object on topControl-drag
Resize proportionallyControl-drag
Move image in image frame without entering frame edit modeControl-Alt-drag
Move frame/group with X/Y constrainedControl-drag
Rotate a line or when creating a line, constrain the angle of rotationControl-drag and rotate
Rotate an existing item on the page other than a line and constrain the angle of rotationControl-drag and rotate
Resize to a squareShift-drag
New LineShift-Return
Scale textAlt-Shift-drag
Scale text proportionallyAlt-Control-drag
Move item 1 unit (current: pt,mm,in,c,p,cm)Arrow keys
Move item 0.1 units (current: pt,mm,in,c,p,cm)Shift+Arrow keys
Move item 10 units (current: pt,mm,in,c,p,cm)Control+Arrow keys
Move item 0.01 units (current: pt,mm,in,c,p,cm)Control+Shift+Arrow keys
Resize item 1 unit outwards (current: pt,mm,in,c,p,cm)Alt+Arrow keys
Resize item 1 unit inwards(current: pt,mm,in,c,p,cm)Shift+Alt+Arrow keys
Move to start of paragraph in text edit mode on canvasControl Up Arrow
Move to end of paragraph in text edit mode on canvasControl Down Arrow
Move to start of frame in text edit mode on canvasControl Page Up
Move to end of frame in text edit mode on canvasControl Page Down
Resize image while in image frame edit mode on canvasAlt+Arrow keys

Normal Keys Shortcuts

How to set x-mouse button control to numbers letters download
AInsert Table Frame
BInsert Bezier Curve
CSelect (Temporary until the rest are sorted out)
EEdit Contents (text in a text frame, or image location in an image frame)
FInsert Freehand Line
IInsert Image Frame
NLink Text Frame
LInsert Line
PInsert Polygon
SInsert Shape
TInsert Text Frame
UUnlink Text Frame

Powerful keyboard modifiers actions

Quite standard for Linux applications

  • CTRL + MOUSEWHEEL UP or DOWN enables to quickly zoom in or out
  • CTRL + MOUSEDRAG on the canvas enables to move the current viewport

Specific to Scribus

How To Set X-mouse Button Control To Numbers Letters Crossword

  • When in Text edit mode : 1) DOUCLE CLICK on a letter part of a word will select the whole word. 2) CTRL+DOUBLE CLICK will select the whole paragraph
  • In the style edition dialog, when selecting a font, a very long menu has to be scrolled through all installed fonts. CTRL + MOUSEWHEEL enables to scroll one whole screen down or up.
  • When in Image Editing mode (double click on an image frame first), SHIFT + MOUSEDRAG enables to rotate the image

How To Set X-mouse Button Control To Numbers Letters Code

  • Not a keyboard modifier but worth noting : the measure inputs in the Property Palette accept mathematical operations (Example : 132+48 for width, or 43+180 for rotation, or even (2*3)+1 for height)
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