How To Hack Clan Wars In Clash Of Clans

  1. Clash of Clans announced 'Clown Wars' has an April fools joke before clan wars were introduced into the game. The March 21, 2016 update removed the 35 vs 35 and 45 vs 45 sizes from Clan Wars. A maintenance on November 15, 2017 added a 5 vs 5 size for regular Clan Wars. Prior to this, the size was only available in Friendly Wars.
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Why is it so difficult to win in Clan Wars? Well here’s an easy strategy that you can follow that will improve your Clan War record. Of course I only recommend it after I have used this strategy myself and my clan mates love it. It will take some synchronizing with each other and some planning. But once your clan gets used to attacking this way it will be second nature for you.

There are 2 main types of Clans that attack in wars. The clan that sets up a war when everyone is ready and eager to win, and then there is the clan that randomly starts wars. Don’t be that clan that starts war without proper planning. You don’t want to be the only one donating to the Clan Castles or having several players in the war not even using a single attack. Use the clan mail to give a heads up to your clan mates a day or two before starting the war search. This will ensure that they have enough time to remove themselves from war, maybe delay the Barbarian King or Archer Queen upgrade till after the war, or simply just having enough Elixir to donate some good troops.

Try to come up with something fresh and exciting, and avoid boring clan names like 'The Clash Clan' or 'The Great Clan' or 'We Do War.' Look at the most popular clan names and come up with very different types of names, names that sound like rad raider clans from the Viking days.

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After you have you are matched with an opposing clan is when the real difference between winning and losing comes. Always have a plan of attack! Don’t allow anyone attack without “calling” the base they are targeting. This will lead to high level players attacking low level player and low level villages attacking higher bases (going for Loot). In the end the outcome will be a disaster. So always have a plan of attack and set goals for your clan-mates.

Here is an example of setting goals that we use… Each player is encouraged to attack the opposing Town Hall that is 2-3 levels below them. So if I am number 4, I should try and attack number 6 or 7. If each player can get 3 stars on the assigned opponent, that will leave the top 2 or 3 bases. You pretty much won the war by now with multiple attacks still not used. Now your clan can go for the higher Town Halls for loot and use this to practice they’re attacking strategies without effecting the outcome of the war.

Finally if you have that one or 2 “Co-Leaders” that don’t follow these simple rules. Think about taking their “Co-Leader” status away from them. Try to build momentum when attacking and encourage everyone to participate, even the Low level Town Halls.

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