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Samsung J3 Pro has a capacitive touchscreen of LTPS IPS LCD with 16M Colors. Samsung J3 Pro Screen size is 6.53 Inches and 105.2 Cm2 (with a body ratio of 85.3%). Its resolution based on 1080 x 2340 pixels with PPI density of 394.

Samsung FRP Tool is a tool to unlock Samsung device FRP. It’s 100% felt and it’s also free to download. However, this is a small application that takes up a little space in your device and allows you to skip FRP.

So, if you want to cut all types of Samsung FRP devices, you can use this tool without hesitation. There are several tools for Samsung hard reset. So it’s very important to choose the right one.

The First Time to Download the Other Side & Try Bypassing the FRP Key What is the Samsung FRP tool and how or does it work? All Android devices have a security build-up system to protect device and device information such as screen locks, data encryption, etc.

Abbreviation of FRP is Factory Reset Protection. This is a security feature for Android devices. This protection is activate automatically when someone sets up a Google account on the device. When you activate FRP once, it will prevent using your device after a factory data reset.

When you put your Google account on your device, FRP becomes active and after being reset, you must sign in with this account using the correct username and password. In the case of multiple Google accounts, you must use the oldest account.

The Samsung FRP tool is this kind of tool used to reset Samsung device factory data. If you forget your password and username, you need this tool to reset Factory data.

Samsung FRP Tool Features

There are various types of Samsung FRP tools. Each is equipped with special features. Let’s look at the main features of the Samsung FRP tool.

  • This can easily remove the Samsung FRP.
  • This is a free tool to download.
  • Samsung Galaxy phones are very popular with this tool.
  • You can share this tool with your friends.
  • This tool also allows you to reset the dialer phone.
  • Samsung FRP Tool
  • There are several types of FRP tools for Samsung devices. Let’s see them.

Samsung FRP HiJacker Setup This is an FRP tool for Samsung devices. To install this tool, you need the following steps.

  • First, download this tool.
  • In addition, you need to download and install the Microsoft Net Framework.
  • Then double-click FRP Hijacker setup.exe.
  • This tool then gives you a password.
  • You need to use this password.
  • Then run this tool after connecting your device to the computer.
  • Now, this tool is ready to delete FRP.

Download FRP Hijacker

How to Remove Samsung FRP with FRP Hijacker.

Let’s look at the process of removing Samsung FRP with the FRP Hijacker.

  • First, extract the tool.
  • Then open the setup file.
  • Now select your Samsung device model.
  • Then connect your device to a PC with a USB cable in download mode.
  • To delete FRP, select the Hijack It button.
  • This will remove FRP 100%.
  • Here, FRP bypass is protected by ADB.
  • This tool has two FRP options, namely Calling and the ADB method.
  • This is a very user-friendly tool.
  • This tool reads telephone info.

Download FRP bypass ADB.

The Features of the Octopus FRP tool are Below:

This tool will give you permission to delete / open / delete FRP or repair your Samsung device. This is one of the easiest methods for this platform. Various Samsung devices support this tool, especially all Galaxy devices.

In addition, this tool has multi-language mode and many other functions for Android versions such as KitKat and Nougat. You can also do LG, Huawei and some other Android devices. Download the Update Octopus Box Setup File

Frp Samsung J3
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Steps to Unlock FRP by the Latest Version of Samsung FRP Tool

It is not difficult to open a Factory Reset Protection with the latest version of Samsung FRP. Let’s look at the complete process step by step.
Step 1: At first, you have to go to your PC browser and then download this tool.
Step 2: Then save your phone in download mode. To do this, turn off your cellphone. At the same time, you need to press the volume up and volume down buttons with the power button. Then a warning button will appear. Press the volume up to continue.
Step 3: Now connect your device with a USB cable to the PC.
Step 4: Then install and open the tool and from the support options, you must choose the Samsung device model.
Step 5: After that, you need to click the Reset FRP option.
Step 6: After a few seconds, the process is complete.


Sometimes we need the Samsung FRP Tool when we forget the Google Account and Password.

There are several tools available on various websites. Choose the latest and the best. You can download this tool from our site.

However, you can download it at no cost. Do unlock the Reset your Samsung Device manufacturer with this too and enjoy.


  • 1 This method will also work on:

Bypass the Galaxy J3 is easy, and you can easily do anything in your Galaxy J3 unless you did the same with the Galaxy J2 in the previous post as the FRP only, unless you enter your Gmail ID, In case you’ve forgotten Google Accounts in case you can unlock and can not recover it, follow these simple steps to get rid of this problem.

This method was tested on the Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) J2020F

This method will also work on:

Step: Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) J20 F (Global)

Step: Galaxy Express 3J 120A (AT & T)

Step: Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) J2020F (EMEA)

Step: J120H, J 120m, J 120m, J1220T

Step: J320A (AT & T) J320P (Virgin Mobile, Boost), J3109 (China), J320M, J320Y Galaxy J3 Prime FRP Bypass [Click Here]In case you’ve any other model, you can also try your Galaxy device

Let’s start the Galaxy J3 bypass:

Samsung closes its Samsung Galaxy J3 phone Insert an active SIM card inside your phone jack. J Power on your J3 phone.Tap “yellow arrow” from your mobile to go to the “Next” screen. Give your “SIM PIN lock” which you can already know.W Connect your WiFi connection. Tap “Next ➔ Agree” and wait a few seconds until you “verify your account”.3 Leave your Galaxy J3 on this option and let’s go to your computer/PC or laptop.

Download the Realtor and Samsung USB Drivers in your computer:

Step: Go to your Internet browser and type “BypassFRP Application Files Tablesable” Download from there “Realtor [Duolland]”, and “Samsung USB Driver”, Installed in both your PC / Laptop. Samsung Galaxy J3 Frap Lock Bypass Galaxy J3, Galaxy J3 (2016), Remove Google Account First Install the Samsung USB Driver in your computer. Connect your mobile computer to Micro USB cable.

“Open” Run “in the computer, right-click on” Devmgmt.MSC “, and then” Modem “, and” SAMSUNG Mobile USB Modem “and then click on” Properties “and check your Device Manager port number, As shown in the picture below, your device manager is similar to both the COM port and the realtime app port. Samsung Galaxy J3 Frap Lock Bypass Galaxy J3, Galaxy J3 (2016), Remove Google AccountSamsung Galaxy J3 Frap Lock Bypass Galaxy J3, Galaxy J3 (2016), Remove Google Account Click on the port check on the right side

Step: “3 green light should be there” In case everything is okay, In case not better then try to reconnect 5-6 times by plugging your mobile and unplugging the data cable.

Samsung j7 frp unlock code

Samsung Galaxy J3 Frap Lock Bypass Galaxy J3, Galaxy J3 (2016), Remove Google Account Click on “Send” from Real “Realtor App”, and except comma, copy the command from here, and the last reality as shown in the (find

below screenshot):

Samsung Galaxy J3 Frap Lock Bypass Galaxy J3, Galaxy J3 (2016), Remove Google Account Command: “On Craig? R n”Click here for “Copy Commands” Comm Click AC “Send ACSI.” Then Step: copy down the command and replace it with any valid number of your locality, and then “send ACSI” again, you’ll see in your cellphone, click, this call will make that number. Command: atdxxxx; r n You can give a local valid number to call, E: G, ATD 1234; r n.

Step: Wait until the call is finished, and then quickly tap on “message” from your phone, and Now, you can disconnect the phone.Now with the

Step: messaging app, you can write in the message box,, and then tap message on “send” to send a once sent message, then that link which hit you wrote, Then hit “Open Link” ➔ ok, open with Chrome Chrome ➔ Accept and continue ➔ No thanks.

Bypass Galaxy J3, Bypass Galaxy J3 FRP Lock, Galaxy J3 FRP Unlock, Google Account Galaxy J3 Bypass Type in “Google Account Manager 6.1.2 and 5.0.1 / 5.1.1” from Google Google Search Manager by typing “BypassFRPApplications and files Pangu”.Once downloading

Step: Finish, you’ll see below your Galaxy J3 screen “open” simply tap that folder to download and go to Google Account Manager 6.1.2 first Install.

Note: In case you get “PARSE ERROR”, then don’t worry, let’s try another version.Go back to downloading the folder, and Install “Google Account Manager 5.0.1 / 5.1.1 (which you’ve already downloaded)

Samsung Frp Tool

Step: It shows that you “locked the Installation”, so it is; This means that you’ve got the correct version of Google Account Manager Now, that’s why tap “Settings,” inside the Pop-up and “Turn on Unknown Sources” from there, then tap “Install” once the Installation ends, it’s done “Finished Tap on “

Samsung J3 Frp Bypass Tool

Download and Install Quick Shortcut Maker:

Frp Samsung J3 Orbit

Step: Now, go back “until you download Google Account Manager,” you reach “Pangu same site post”. “Download” Quick Shortcut Maker “and there is a downloading finish, you’ll have a bottom Pop-up for” Open “. Tap is” Open “. Open “Quick Shortcut Maker” Tap ➔ Open.

Frp Samsung J330g

After opening Quick “Quick Shortcut Maker”, type the search bar “Google Account Manager”, tap on Google Account Manager to spend it. From the Google Account Manager’s list, select one of them that appears with “Type email and password”, just tap it, all are

mentioned in the (find below screenshot):

Step: Tap “Try”.Tap “3 dots” from right top right corner.

Frp Samsung J3 Orbit Bypass Easy Download

Step: Then, select “Browser sign-in”.

Step: Add your valid Gmail ID to Bypass Galaxy J3 FRP Lock.Turn off your mobile by pressing the power power button, and after restarting, you’ll normally be able to access all the options on your mobile. Congratulations on the successful Bypass Galaxy J3 FRP LockIn case you’re not able to bypass your Samsung Galaxy J3, try it under the latest method. How to bypass Galaxy J3 by FRP protection without PC [latest method]

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