Free Gem Hack Clash Of Clans 2014

What‘s ClashOfClans? ClashOfClansisone of themostpopularAndroidgamesonlinetoday.Ifyou have anandroid phoneyoucantrythis gameis guaranteedfun. Well here I willdiscusshow toHow to get free gems Clash Of Clans without cheat.
Here Iuse awhafftogetfreegemsonclashofclans. notonlyfor theclash ofclanscourse, thisrewardcouldbe usedfor allapplicationsingooglePlaystore.


  • InstallApplicationsWhaffRewardthroughPlaystoreorSearch directlyinplaystorewithkeywordswhaff
  • Afterinstalledopen thewhaffof hisapplication. Once open, please log in firstwithyourFacebook.
  • OnceyouLogfacebookwhiffwillaskInviteCode. Please enter thefollowingcode AJ47528toreceive abonus of0.3$
  • Note: Ifyoudo notuse thecodeabove then youwill not getInitialBonus. thenyour balancewill startfrom0

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  • Afterinstallation iscomplete youwill beGet someMissions, to download theapplicationgiven by thewhaff. Pleasecomplete allmissions givenbywhaffuntilyourbalancereaches12$after thatyoucan tradewith GooglePlay Gift

Once this is donewe get intoPhaseSettingGoogle Wallet

  • First Login Google Wallet with your google account
  • After that, to theSettingsmenu, selectthepart ofthe HomeAddress, and thenequatethe addressbecomesas shown below.
Free gem hack clash of clans 2014 online
Note: All ofthe riskborne byeach, the Statethat has beenchangedcan notbe changedagainin quick time. Ifyoudo notwant totakethe risk pleaseusingthe address above.

Clash Of Clans Money Hack

  • After That Save => Accept & Continue

When finishedsettingthe GoogleWallet, NowhowwithdrawalBalanceofwhafftoyourGoogle Wallet.

  • First openyourwhaffapplicationSlidetothe leftsideonthe BROWSEtaband selectthe menuEXCHANGE.
  • Then Choose Google Play Gift Cards
  • Thenselect thenumber ofwithdrawalsyouMinimumBalance$ 12forgoogle playgiftcards. thenclickPayout
  • After waitingApproximately1-3daysso yougetReedemCodeOfwhiffYoucanseetheyouReedem code InEARNINGS => HISTORYPAYOUT

How to enterYour codetoPlaystore

  • Open your Playstore Appication
  • Choose Menu , Then Redeem
  • Then enter theReedem Codehave yougetFrom Whaff

PurchasingGemson ClashOfClans

  • Open your Clash Of Clans Application or download Here
  • Then goto theShop,Select1200Gemsorin accordance withyourGoogle WalletBalanceand clickBUY

Real Clash Of Clans Hack

  • SuccessThat’s howto getgemsClashOfClansInFreeandLegal