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FlowerFell: Re-Bloom

/Before reading this story please understand that I haven't yet read The Last Reset and I fear that some of the ideas in my story are similar or even the same as in that one. If so, please know I haven't read it yet and if anything is the same I have NOT stolen it. This fanfic was created out of love for the AU and is NOT cannon to Flowerfell in any way. I respect the creators decision to take down the story but this is purely out of awe for the series. So please enjoy my version of these amazing characters. Thank you. -Cupkake/

View, comment, download and edit flowerfell sans Minecraft skins. Author of Long Road on Ao3. The author over-reacted, and asked everyone to take down their fan-art, saying that they'd copyrighted Flowerfell. Which of course they technically couldn't do, seeing as Flowerfell is a derivative work of a derivative work of something somebody else created. You can chat with Flowerfell sans here. Ask to Flowerfell sans whatever you want. Talk to Flowerfell sans online right now. Chat with Flowerfell sans's chatbot is very easy and funny. FlowerFell Frisk (Black and red striped. Flowerfell sans by wariorcatspinle/warri. Flowerfell Frisk -!CE! FlowerFell Frisk (hood on and zipped up. FlowerFresh Frisk (Underfresh x Flowe. Flowerfell frisk (but in a dress, and wi.

Part 1


The flowers numbed her body. Covered her eyes and made speaking nearly impossible. Golden buttercups made walking, or even moving, difficult. Being pulled on hurt Frisk more than the numbing did. They were grown into Frisk's body.

Frisk was in Sans' arms being carried bridal style. She had been unable to walk since the last reset. She took off her shoes because of the flowers, so her leggings were all that was on her feet. Sans had been kind enough to give her his jacket when she'd fallen slightly ill. There was no dispute whether or not he cared for her.

At first he was a complete ass. Tricking and even killing her just so he wouldn't seem useless to his much more intimidating brother. Sans had realized that what he was doing was wrong. Frisk made him see that he could be kind instead of cruel. And he had proved his worth throughout the journey the two made together.

Sans stood at the barrier with the dieing human in his arms. He looked down at her. Her eyes nowhere to be seen under the hundreds of flowers blinding her. Her face had trails of flowers as well leading down her neck and onto her shoulders.

Sans didn't know what to do know. He wanted to get to the barrier, it was the end goal after all, but had no clue what to do next. He held Frisk close to him, making sure she was still with him.

Flowey, the small companion of Frisk's, popped out of the ground with his vines wrapped in a ball of glowing colours. He opened his vines to reveal six human souls.

Sans looked down at the flower and at the souls. Sans was unsure about Flowey at first but Frisk's kindness made him trust the small flower a little more.

'What do we do now?' Flowey said to Sans looking up at him as if Sans knew what to do.

'I-I don't know.' Sans stuttered in fear.

His mind was on too many things. He had a dieing human in his arms that he had gotten to know and cared about deeply, and now he needed to come up with a plan to break the barrier.

'We um…' Flowey said unsure about the situation as well 'we could take one soul and cross the barrier. Then take another human soul over there, come back and break the barrier? Would that work?' Flowey said to Sans again hoping he'd have the answer.

'Ye-yeah..yeah…' Sans wasn't really sure what Flowey was saying. He was more concerned about Frisk's well being.

Then, Frisk made a small noise catching Sans' attention. She couldn't speak much but she tried.

'S-sa-ns…' Her voice was soft and quiet. Gentle. It reflected how she acted towards others. Kindly.

'Yeah, Sweetheart?' Sans replied kneeling down on the ground but still holding onto Frisk.

'W-we...h-ha-ve...se-ev-en…' She tried to speak through her dieing state and collapsing vocal cords.

'No...we don't. We have six. See?' Sans said trying to point them out to Frisk who couldn't move her head.

'Y-ye-es...w-we...d-do..' Frisk trembled gathering strength in her right arm to point to herself.


'No! No…'

Sans was looking down right on Frisk's face. He didn't even realize the red water drops falling down her face. He only noticed then, that he was crying.

'Do-don-'t...cr-cry….' Frisk smiled and using her small amount of strength to raise her hand to his face. Or at least where she thought his face was.

Sans took their flower covered hand into his and placed it on his jaw.

'S-sm-smile...f-for...m-me…' Her voice was getting quieter and quieter.

'I'm smiling...Sweetheart.' They laid there for a few seconds in silence.

None of the three of them wanted to say anything. The only sound was Frisk's slow breathing. Quiet, yet still hearable. Frisk's hand that was on Sans' face wiped the tears from the eye.

She never shed her smile. Her kind, peaceful smile. The room was silent Frisk's soul started to appear from her chest.

Sans started to panic. He didn't want her to go. Not now. Not yet.

'Frisk? Frisk?' He said shaking her a little

Frisk made a small, sleepily groan. 'Fr-ree...e-ev-every-o-one…'

'No! I won't! Not with your soul!' Sans was crying even more now. He couldn't control the rain of tears that fell from his eyes.


Frisk's voice was almost gone. It was so quiet now Sans had to really listen to what she was saying.

'Stop saying stuff like that! You're going to be okay!'

Frisk's soul floated up more until it was right in front of Sans' neck.

'Please…' Sans begged knowing it would be no use.

Frisk said something again but it was so quiet that Sans wasn't able to hear what she said. He didn't want Frisk's last words to be unheard. And it would rude not to listen.

'Could you...say that again?'

As he said that, Frisk's breathing stopped. Her body fell limp. One final exhale came from her mouth as Sans cried out her name. He held her dead body in his arms rocking back and forth hoping it wasn't true. He closed his eyes, tears still running down his face. He didn't want this. He never wanted her to go.

He opened his eyes to see her soul still floating near him. He tried to push the soul back into her but it wouldn't go back. Sans screamed more for the soul to return. He stopped after Flowey's leaf touched his shoulder.

Sans looked over at Flowey, with floods of tears in his eyes, who also was saddened by the current death of Frisk. Flowey closed his eyes and bowed his head to signal Sans that he was sorry for what happened.

Flowey would have cried as well but he could barely have emotions. While this meant that he couldn't cry for Frisk's death, it didn't mean he wasn't upset. Flowey lifted his head to look back at Sans who nodded his head to Flowey. Sans laid Frisk down on the floor and stood up. He looked down at Flowey who looked at the souls. Flowey nodded in response for what Sans was going to do. Flowey watched as he took a human soul and crossed the barrier.

Flowerfell Frisk

It had been at least an hour. Sans hadn't returned. Flowey was getting worried. He was beside Frisk since Sans had left with the green soul. Flowey looked at Frisk's cold, lifeless body. Her soul still floating above her.

He wanted her to come back, he missed her. Frisk was the one to show him kindness in that cruel world. He was loyal to her. He was sure that that was how Sans felt as well.

Flowey heard something which made him turn his head to see Sans holding two souls with him. He looked even more upset then when he left. Flowey would've gone himself but he wasn't a real monster anymore. He didn't have a soul. So Sans had to do it.

Sans then, with a bright light, broke the barrier and the room went white.

All the monsters were out of the mountain. The underground ran clean and no one was left. Sans stepped up to the role of the ambassador along with Flowey to make amends with the humans. Monsters got homes and jobs and surprisingly didn't have too much trouble getting along with the humans. Although the monsters were scary beyond nightmares, many of the humans welcomed them like friends. Sans convinced Asgore to end the war against the humans. It took a few tries before Asgore agreed and went to live with Toriel again.

Flowey didn't want to go with them. He wanted to stay with Sans. For one reason. Frisk. Sans took Frisk's body to the surface. Her soul in a jar to keep it safe. When Sans was settled in his new house he buried Frisk in the backyard. Flowey stayed with Sans to keep him company. Of course Sans and Papyrus shared a house, but Sans still felt lonely. Broken.

Flowey knew that he loved Frisk. It wasn't hard to tell. He knew that Frisk loved him back as well. Flowey didn't approve at first, but he realized that Frisk and Sans, made a cute couple. It was shame it had to end.

Sans went of every day to Frisk's grave. Flowers had grown where her body was and he would water them. He would tell Papyrus that he was taking care of Frisk, since those flowers were buttercups. The ones that Frisk had on her body.

It had been a year since what happened. Sans still stayed to himself most of the time only talking to Flowey and sometimes Papyrus. It was clear that his brother and 'friends' didn't understand his feelings for Frisk. They thought it was changing him too much. He would sit outside everyday and just sit at her grave.

'Sans,' Papyrus said to Sans one day before he went out to Frisk 'we need to talk.'

Flowerfell Sans Shimeji

Sans walked past him ignoring him. Papyrus reached out and grabbed his arm stopped Sans from going any further.

'Let me go.' Sans said calmly. He didn't even look at Papyrus.

'Sans.' Papyrus said firmly.

'Please?' Sans asked in saddened tone than before.

Papyrus sighed 'Can at least ask you a question?'

'Fine. But let me go first.'

Papyrus did as his brother asked. Sans turned around to face Papyrus. He looked upset, but he always looked like that now. He sat down on a chair near him.

'Why do you do this to yourself?' Papyrus asked.

'What do you mean?' Sans looked at him questionably.

'I mean, why do you keep living in the past? Don't you think the human would have wanted you to be happy here?'

Sans muttered something under his breath.

'What was that?' Papyrus said trying to get his brother to speak up.

'I said,' Sans spoke up ' Her name is Frisk.'

Sans said 'is' as if Frisk was still alive.

'Wouldn't Frisk have wanted you to be happy on the surface?' Papyrus repeated himself to Sans request.

'I-...' Sans wasn't sure what to say.

'Look Sans. I may be a jerk, but I do care about you. You're my brother for God's sake. And now that we're on the surface, I just…' He sighs putting his elbows on his knees and head into his hands. 'I just don't want to see you like this. Hurt. Depressed. I know you lost someone very important to you, but...there's a time when you have to let them go. Of course it's fine to grieve for someone, but you have know when to take life for what is it now. You know?'

Sans had never heard Papyrus say anything like that. He sounded sincere and well...brotherly. He always knew Papyrus cared, he just thought it was so minimal it didn't exist.

'I...I don't want to let her go.' Sans said holding onto his necklace tightly. 'I miss her too much...I just..can't…' Sans started to cry.

He didn't want to. He tried to hold back the tears but, he let them fall. He didn't want to cry in front of his brother. But it was too late. His red tears coming down his face. He closed his eyes. He felt someone put arms around him. He opened his eyes to see Papyrus hugging him. Sans hesitated at first to hug back but he did. He placed his face into his brother's shirt.

'Okay.' Papyrus said and pulled out of the hug. 'That's enough mushy stuff for me.'

Sans wiped his tears. 'Thanks bro.' Sans said.

'Yeah, yeah. Just don't tell anyone about this. Alright?'

'What? You mean you actually being a brother to me for once?' Sans joked still getting all the tears off his face. He hadn't made a joke like that in a long time.

Papyrus smiled a little before getting back into 'character'. 'Yes. Now go out and do whatever it is you do.' Papyrus walked away leaving Sans by himself.

He took a deep breath and opened the back door. The backyard wasn't big, but it wasn't small either. It was a medium sized fenced in land. The porch was wooden and had steps to the rest of the yard. The grass had flowers growing all around but the one spot it had the most, was at Frisk's grave.

Frisk didn't have a gravestone but stick of wood placed her resting ground. The stick was swirled in buttercups. The area around the stick was covered in buttercups. It was Sans' thinking that

'These flowers are what's left of Frisk. If I couldn't save her, I'll keep these alive.'

After Sans watered his garden, talked to Frisk's grave, and was even surprised when Flowey came to visit, he decided it was time to go. The sun was setting and all his 'friends' were coming over for their 'One Year on the Surface' party. Sans let Flowey onto his arm and the two went back inside. Flowey had a pot now instead of a boot which Frisk had him in for so long.

Sans' new house was a decent size. It had 2 main bedrooms as well as a third room for guests. Papyrus had the master bedroom which Sans didn't mind. He liked having the smaller room. His room was messy, but still not as messy as before. He had a windowsill which Flowey's pot sat on. From the window Sans could see the sunset turn to twilight.

The house was away from the city but still in a small town. This meant that star gazing was perfect.

Sans, everytime he saw the stars, thought of what Frisk said to him once.

'Sans?' Frisk's gentle voice rang in his head.

'When we get to the surface, do you want to see the stars with me?'

Sans sighed as he got into bed still wearing the same clothes because he didn't really care.

' 'Night, Flowey.' he said turning off the lights.

'Goodnight Sans.' Flowey said back.

Flowerfell Sans Shimeji Wallpaper

He watched as Sans fell asleep. It took awhile because it always did. Sometimes he couldn't sleep at all. Flowey knew the reason of course. It was Frisk. Sans never wanted to live another day without her. Yet Flowey made sure he wasn't alone.

He remembered one night where Sans completely broke. He couldn't stop grieving. Flowey had a hard time calming his friend down. He didn't want to see him in pain anymore. Day after day, feeling depressed, looking tired from a terrible sleep, Flowey didn't want Sans to suffocate himself with guilt.

The next morning Sans got up and put on a red t-shirt and black shorts. He tried to make himself look presentable for the guests coming over that day.

He took the potted Flowey with him as he could already hear some people downstairs.

'Sans.' Flowey said

Flowerfell Sans Minecraft Skin


'You don't have to keep distancing yourself from everyone. You know that right?'

Sans pretended not to hear the flower as he continued down the stairs.

'Sans please. Just for a day, pretend your...happy.' Flowey knew how bad Sans was at lying but it couldn't hurt to try.

'Fine. If you makes you feel better.'

Flowey sighed and decided not to fight with possibly his only friend who was emotionally unstable.

'Sans!' Undyne said when she saw him and Flowey coming down the stairs well.

'Hey, Undyne.' Sans said.

After the underground, Sans and Undyne didn't get along. He almost killed her, but to Frisk's request, he left her alone. It did take a lot of tries to get past her though. A lot of tries that Undyne doesn't remember. The two get along now, but they aren't besties.

'How are you? Feeling any better?' She asked.

'Any better?' Sans questioned why Undyne would be asking such a question.

Flowey used one of his leaves to nudge Sans, hinting he should just go with it.

'Y-yeah! Much better thanks! Heh.' he smiled but it wasn't because he was happy, he was trying to show everyone he wasn't upset.

'Well whatever. As long as you aren't dead.'

'Undyne! That is very cruel!' Toriel said coming into the conversation.

Flowerfell Sans Shimeji Characters

Toriel was the one to make Frisk go half blind in the first place, but of course she didn't know that. It wasn't really her fault of course. She didn't mean to, but Frisk needed to complete her journey. Toriel was one of the kinder monsters despite killing Frisk multiple times.

'Thanks Tori.' Sans said the former Queen.

After a few minutes of talking to everyone that came, Sans wanted to go to Frisk's grave. Flowey urged him not to. It sounded mean of him to not let Sans go but, it harked back to what Papyrus said the day before. Sans needed to let go. And maybe he won't let go, but at least loosen his grip. It was tearing him apart to be still so close to Frisk all the time. Papyrus was right. There was a time to stop grieving so much, and it was time for Sans.

The six of them, Sans, Papyrus, Undyne, Alphys, Toriel and Asgore, had a nice dinner together as well as a butterscotch cinnamon pie that Toriel made. The afternoon turned to evening and the guests had to go home.

Flowerfell Sans And Flowerfell Frisk

Sans put up his act for as long as possible before crashing onto the couch from being happy all day. Flowey wasn't sure what to do. It was hurting Sans to be around Frisk's grave so much, but it was equally as hurting for him to pretend he was okay.

Sans did go out to Frisk after everyone left to say goodnight. Flowey did as well, just to be respectful. He, unlike Sans, had gotten past the fact the Frisk was gone. He of course still missed her, but it wasn't as much as Sans did.

That night as Sans fell asleep, Flowey looked out into the stars.

'Please. If anyone hears me...I need Sans to stop grieving so much. It's...not right. I need help. HE needs help. If anyone's up there, please help him…please'