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During MOMOLAND‘s fansign in Mexico, male attendees were seen screaming sexually explicit words at the girls as well as one man masturbating during the fansign.

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The tweet is talking about some dude that j*rked *ff at momolands concert in Mexico, and how some people screamed sexist things to the girls, and i can testify about people screaming sexist things to them and some of them even tried to get tem to say cuss words https://t.co/x5YsDUXouS

— Jenny’s Facetune 2 VIP subscription (@juulleda) July 2, 2019

Academia Ninshi, the organizers that brought MOMOLAND to Mexico, caught the male fan masturbating and was then taken by the police. They have since apologized for the incident.

Academia Ninshi has taken action to the man who masterbate during MOMOLAND's fanmeeting in Mexico and apologize about the incident. Our ladies doesn't that kind of treatment 😔#MERRIESAGAINSTMENpic.twitter.com/kwusGTIx7P

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— MOMOLAND PROTECTION SQUAD 💪 (@MomolandProtect) July 2, 2019

According to fans, numerous male attendees were acting rude even before the fansign started. One fan heard a group of men wondering if they should ask MOMOLAND if “they had their pus***s as small as their eyes”. Some attendees also drank beer and decided to pour it on the ground.

When i was on the line to the vip event some dudes were considering asking the girls if “they had their p*****s as small as their eyes” but i didn’t know what happened at the end. On other notes, a couple thought it was a good idea to drink bear and drop the rest ln the floor

— Jenny’s Facetune 2 VIP subscription (@juulleda) July 2, 2019

K-Pop fans have since started standing up for MOMOLAND, especially against those who victim-blamed MOMOLAND for their stage outfits.

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The way y’all will project hate towards Momoland when all the bad sh’t always happens to them. Stop blaming their outfits for the reason why men were screaming indecent and sexist things towards them AND for the reason a man masturbated to them @ their concert.

— zuzu (@aIwaysohye) July 2, 2019

i don’t care if you dislike momoland or any of their members, the fact that they were sexually harassed and mistreated so badly at their fansign is unacceptable. i mean a man masturbated in front of them. please, spread any kind of awareness for this, it’s truly unacceptable.

— fran 🌸 // LOONA GIVEAWAY! (@expensivesana) July 2, 2019

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MOMOLAND fans have since started trending #RespectMomoland to support MOMOLAND after the controversy.