Facetune Android Review

For that reason, Facetune is a great app. It's snappy to use, even on the ageing iPad 2, and the results are noticeably good. Often, apps try to replace much meatier pieces of software such as Photoshop, but for once, Facetune really does tap into an important part of graphic manipulation and does a great job. It might not be an app that's used.

Are you into photography and planning on a selfie app like FaceTune? Then this blog is for you. Recently, FaceTune selfie editing app grabbed our attention with some fascinating features. So, we met one of our photo and video app consultants and discussed the top features of FaceTune app. What better than to share this fascination with our readers? Here are 8 features that helped FaceTune raise $135 million in funding. Hush! Hush! We know its huge. Go on. Find out about these features yourself.

Every party or event you attend, you will definitely hear someone say this. And why not? People love taking selfies and photographs. Whether they are just for memories or to make people envious on social media, selfies are here to stay.

This makes selfie app development a profitable idea to invest in. A few of the best face editing apps are FaceTune, Snapseed, VSCO, Prisma, and Snapchat. Maybe even you have used some of them. These apps have revolutionized the photo editing app development sector. Of these, FaceTune is probably the best filter app for selfies.

Before jumping onto features, let’s check out some facts and figures about FaceTune, shall we?

FaceTune app – Best Photo Editing App

  • FaceTune was developed by a Jerusalem-based developing company- Lightricks Ltd.and was released in March 2013.
  • While Facetune 2, with additional advanced features, was released in 2016. The users need to buy a subscription to use this version of this face editing app.
  • Facetune ranks #1 in the Photo & Video category while #4 in all categories on the Apple App Store.
  • It has over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store.
  • According to co-founder and CEO Zeev Farbman, FaceTune has over 1 million paid subscribers.
  • As reported by TechCrunch, it has raised $135 million during series C funding which made Lightricks become a member of the unicorn club.

Facetune raising $135 million – for making users look pretty, in photographs. It sounds like a great investment, doesn’t it? Let us take a look at the selfie app features that made Lightricks to be valued at $1 billion.

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Facetune App Review

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5 Features of FaceTune for your Selfie App Like FaceTune Development

  1. Facial features

    FaceTune is one of the top face edit apps or face editing apps as it lets the users easily edit, enlarge or minimize facial features. Refining jaws and heightening cheekbones and brows can be done with few steps to get a Hollywood face.

    Source: FaceTune App

    Fun filter apps like face slimming app enable the users to reshape the nose and even totally transform faces into aliens or other fun shapes.

    Let’s see how it transforms the individual features of a face.

    • Eyes and smile

    Want to make eyes sparkle? This image editing app will take care of it. Users can also remove red-eye and white-eye effects. Also, make their gaze penetrating by emphasizing the eyes. What’s more? Users may even change the colour of the eyes.

    Source: FaceTune App

    Using this photo editing app, users can whiten and brighten the teeth. Users may also widen and refine their smile with a few taps.

    • Skin

    Being one of the best selfie apps, this app can also rejuvenate skin and give it a porcelain look. Selfie filters also remove temporary imperfections like acne and blemishes. Users may also use Airbrush feature to get glowing skin or cool down redness.

    Source: FaceTune App

    The filters also enable the users to blot away shine from an oily face and brighten dark circles their eyes.

    • Hair

    The users can have a ton of fun with this selfie editing app and change the colour of their hair as per their choice. This way, they can tease their friends and family by pretending to have their hair coloured.

    People of all ages use apps like FaceTune and using this app, they cover their grey hair, full bald patches or even remove stray hairs.

    When you plan your selfie app like FaceTune, do not miss out on these creative features.

  2. Apply makeup

    Even if the users are not wearing any makeup at the time of taking the picture, or not happy with how it looks in the picture, they can use this feature. The face filter app lets them apply any shade of blush or eye shadow.

    Adding volume to eyelashes and shape to eyebrows is done with just a tap on the photo app. Users may even intensify their natural lip colour or add a different colour.

  3. Photo enhancements

    Just like most photo apps, this selfie app can focus the photo one point or object and defocussing or blurring the background. It is kind of an app like VSCO and can improve lighting and add special effects.

    Like fun selfie apps, the user may even rotate an image or flip to its mirror image. It also has a unique functionality of creating customizable filters and features with unique textures.

  4. Fun and easy artistic tools

    This selfie app is like a photography app with a lot of fun artistic tools. Users can avail fun, creative and colourful light effects. They can retouch and add artistic flair to their portraits as well.

    Source: FaceTune App

    If the users wish to compare their edited image with the original one, they can do it at every step by just tapping on the image. In case, the users have some trouble, informative graphics, and videos for each feature are available.

    Make sure even your selfie is simple to use so it is user-friendly.

  5. Social media integration

    This feature has become a norm in almost all selfie apps and photo editing apps. After editing the image, the users can show off their masterpiece to the world.

    Social media platforms and email sharing are integrated within this top photo editing app so that the users can instantly share their edited photos with friends and family.

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Summing Up


Now, you know which features made FaceTunes developers a billion-dollar venture. Its time to develop your own photo editor app like FaceTune and get a piece of cake for yourself. Just reading about features is not enough, you need one of the top mobile app development firms to convert your concept into a mobile app.

We are an award-winning mobile app development company with experience of developing over 3500 apps for Android, iOS, and web platforms. In fact, we have a dedicated photo editing app development team, which has developed over 50 Video and Photo editing apps. We are proud to say that 9 of these are among the top 200 photo apps on the App Store. These apps have been recognized by TechCrunch, HuffPost, BBC, Daily Mail.


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