Facetune 2 Layering Picture

  • Facetune, according to co-founder and CEO Zeev Farbman of Lightricks (the company that created Facetune 1 and 2), says the company has seen 180 million downloads across its paid apps. And I joined the masses. It all started with a tweak, whiter teeth, maybe add some detail on the foreground making the photo seem higher quality.
  • Facetune Video is the first video editing app designed specifically for retouching selfie videos. All your fave Facetune features are now available for video: smooth skin, whiten teeth, shape and contour facial features, add makeup and more. Creating an amazing selfie video is now easier than it’s ever been before.
  • Here’s a photo that I shot recently at fabulous Las Vegas and as you can see, all these power lines are in there and are kind of getting in the way of the photo. Not only am I going to show you how to quickly remove these lines. I’m going to show you how to do it non-destructively. Go to our layers panel, create a new layer.
  • The company behind Facetune, Lightricks, also makes Enlight (an Apple Best of 2016 award runner-up), an all-around mobile photo editor with Photoshop-like layer capabilities.

Do you want to make yourself look thinner in picture? Want to see how you’d appear with flat belly? All you need is a good photo editor. Today we’d like to share with you an easy way to enhance your portrait photos, slim down your face, stomach or any other part of your body in photos before you upload them to your blog, Facebook, Twitter or other social networks.

How to slim face in picture on iPhone?

It is an imaging editing application. Image editing can do almost anything. So sure it can how obvious the edit is can tip an improvement into an embarrassment. But heck visit the web site of the application and enjoy the free advertising.

First of all, get the portrait photography editor for iPhone. Then load your selfie or portrait photo into the editor. Choose Face from the bottom menu, select Width, adjust the slider below the picture to change the size of your face. You can also choose Jaw and move the slider to make your jaw thinner. Similarly, you can change the size, width of your eyes, noses, clips and make them look thinner.

There are different ways you can slim down your face, waist, legs, arms, with the portrait editor. Reshape is another useful tool. See how it can slim your figure below.

How to slim your body in portrait on iPhone?

Facetune 2 Download

Add your selfie or portrait photography into the editor app on iPhone. Choose Reshape from the toolbar at the bottom. Use your figure to swipe over and reshape your body features. For example, you can easily slim down your shoulders, upper arms, back, legs, stomach, etc. You can also switch to Resize, then use two figures to pinch to make your body slimmer.

Download facetune 2 for pc

Little changes can make quite a difference. In case you overdo it a bit, use the ‘undo’ feature to go back. Very user-friendly. With this picture editing tool, you can make the tiniest changes and it makes all the difference. It is so simple for anyone to be a pro at making his/her photos perfect.

Facetune 2 Layering Pictures

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