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Clash of clans is an online private server based mobile game which has grown into a vast competitive gaming platform within a few years. This strategy based, resource and team management game has crafted its place in the hearts of serious gamers.

With an increase in updates and challenges that are introduced in the game, the need for a platform which can allow the gamers to experience the gaming to its full potential, increased. Such a platform is required for developing winning strategies and plans, which gamers can implement in the original game.

The Clash of Clans 99999999 hack is the answer to this demand. This hack is a public server based game that comes with features same as that of the original game and provides the gamers with an opportunity to strategize their game plans with unlimited resources.

This game has no link with the protected public server on which the original game runs. Before learning about the 99999999 hacks and how to download its apk file, let us briefly understand the original game to realize how it will give us a next level learning experience about the game.

About the game

Download clash of clans for pc

Clash of Clans is a server-based game of the Finnish company Supercell. On 2nd August 2012, the game was officially launched. The perfect mix of strategy with a game plan and team management along with the thrill in offensive and defensive setups contributed to its vast popularity among the children and adults alike.

This server-based game starts with a guide to create your village and start creating resources in the form of gold, elixirs, dark elixirs and gems. The gold is a resource which enables to set up defensive entities like walls, cannons, archer towers, and traps and also upgrading them, while elixirs is a resource for producing offensive entities like the attacking troops consisting of archers, barbarians, goblins, etc. Level 7 onwards, you can deploy war heroes like the King, Queen. War heroes are immortal and are deployed for both offensive and defensive strategies.

The most precious resource are gems which can help us in deploying new builders. They are also used for boosting up upgrade processes. Builders help in setting up and upgrading all the features of the village. Dark elixirs are the rare resource which helps in brewing dark spells and generate dark troops which are more powerful than normal troops and spells. You can form teams in the form of clans and go for wars with other clans, and there are a lot of excitements involved in such gaming processes. Many new features are constantly being introduced with game updates.

The Clash of Clans hack 99999999

While learning about the game plan to its full extent is time-consuming because it is hosted on a private server. In such a situation, Clash Of Clans 99999999 hack comes to the rescue. Please be sure that this is not a hack mode of the game and no such hack mode is available as the game is launched in a protected public server. Clash of Clan hack 99999999 is a private server which provides unlimited resources.

Why Download the hack?

The name involves the digit 99999999 to convey that player can play with maximum resources as this is the maximum resource limit in the game. This unlimited access to gems, gold, elixirs and dark elixirs, allows you to exploit the gaming experience at its full potential.

Benefits of Using the 99999999 hack

There are lots of factors that lead to winning wars and battles at personal or clan war level. Understanding troop combinations, deploying strategies and troop potentials are the keys to success.
The maximum resources help you to expertise on these key skills. You can also learn about various perks that come with higher levels of the game. All in all the Clash of Clans 99999999 hack provides the maximum learning experience which you can deploy in the real version of the game.


This version of the game is available in the form of a mod apk which is a free download. Before the installation of this version of the game, uninstall other versions of the game as it may crash with the new application.

Download Clash Of Clans For Laptop

  1. Download the APK file from the download button given above.
  2. Find the download directory and search for the file by name coc_99999999 hack.
  3. Give basic permissions like access to the network, screen time, and access to storage.
  4. On installation, the APK will create a log file to store resources count.
  5. Restart the application, and you will find unlimited gems, gold, and elixir.

Download Clash Of Clans For Pc


Download Clash Of Clans Hack

In short, the 99999999 hack is a great learning platform of the game, and it is highly addictive. You can enjoy the maximum thrill with the latest upgrades (TH12) and resources. It is especially helpful for those who can’t afford much time and resources to invest in the game. As of fact, the Clash of Clans game generates its major revenue from its top 10 players who invest a lot monetarily. Some of the exclusive features in the game require either heavy amount of gameplay or buying them. Thus his clash of clans hack provides a cheaper maximum gaming experience to many.