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Once you have Clash of Clans running on your MEmu, if you haven't already done so, download & install the ClashFarmer bot, you will have the bot icon on your desktop and in your start menu. When using the bot for the first time you'll need to tweak some values before starting the bot. When you're finished, just click on 'Start Bot'. Download Clash Of Clans Bot And Script for Android No Root Apk Free.

Hey Clash-mates,
I've just finished to write a script in Python that automatically downloads the data of your clan as well as your members stats (stars & percent done/taken) during a CWL season.
- You can directly copy-paste the data downloaded by the script in our CWL Planning sheet. See below for the links.
- The script is written in Python 3, you can check the source code on Github:

Clash Of Clans Lua Script Download

- If you don't have Python you can also directly execute the script in Google Colab: SCS on Colab.
- Please notice that this script is based on ClashOfClansAPI (2.0.6) by Tony Benoy. For more info, check his github.
How to use it:

(Tutorial to learn how to use SCS with the CWL Planning Sheet)

For the script to work properly you need:
* Your own API token (added in Token.txt)
* Run the script during CWL (for option #4)
* Prepare Warlogs.txt (for option #5)
* An internet connection
1) Download SCS:
The Sakat's CoC Script is available on Github, you can download it here:

There are three files in '': SCS.exe (the script), Token.txt (required) and Readme.txt (some info).
2) Run the script:
1. To be able to download data from the API, you need to have your own Token:
- Open
- Register
- Click on your account
- Create New Key
- Enter Key Name (doesn't matter), Description (doesn't matter) and your IP
- Copy-paste your key into Token.txt (without space char before or after)


- If you don't know your IP go to
- Your API token is linked to your IP, so when your IP changes you need to create a new oneClash
2. Run the script ('SCS v1.6.exe')
3. Follow instructions of the script:
- Enter your clantag (for ex. '#ABCDEF')

Clash Of Clans Script Download

- Select the data you want to download
- The data about current CWL group are only available when a CWL season is taking place and before a new clanwar is launched (once the CWL season is over).
- The tags of CWL wars are available only once the preparation phase started (before the preparation it will be written #000000000 so will be ignored).
- To download the individual details of older CWL wars, you need to prepare Warlogs.txt with its 28 wartags in it (see the example file).
3) The .txt files:
Depending on the options selected, the script will generate up to 9 .txt files. Most of them are used to store the raw data as downloaded from the API (dictionary synthax) and so not really 'human friendly'. So:
- File #08: This is the most important file where all the information are properly written. You will find here the names and tags of opponent clans, the wartags of your clan and the individual stats of your members (selected for the CWL season). For the last one, the synthax is the following: stars done, percentage done, star taken, percentage taken. To see these data even better, you can copy-paste them in Excel or in our CWL Planning Sheet (see below).
- Wartags.txt: If you run the script during the last CWL war, it will auto-generate Wartags.txt. It's a good idea to save this file somewhere else in case you want to re-download the stats of these wars later (even when no CWL season is taking place).
- File #05: In this file you can see the wartags for the 28 wars, the script also indicates when your clan is in the war.

I hope you will find it useful. Don't hesitate if you have any feedback or idea to improve it!
-, a tool to keep the history of your clan and members activity in Clan Games:
Official thread on the forum

- CWL Planning, a Google Sheet designed to help clan leaders to organize clan wars that are part of the Clan War League (CWL).Latest version


A python wrapper for the Clash of Clans API

Project description

Easy to use asynchronous Clash of Clans API wrapper in Python.

Key Features

  • Asynchronous code
  • Entire coverage of the official Clash of Clans API
  • Email/password login removes the stress of managing tokens
  • Optimised for speed, memory and performance

Getting Started

Quick Example

This is the basic usage of the library.This example will get a player with a certain tag, and search for 5 clans with a name.

Basic Events Example

This script will run forever, printing to the terminalwhenever someone joins the clan or a member of the clan donates troops.

For more examples see the examples directory


Contributing is fantastic and much welcomed! If you have an issue, feel free to open an issue and start working on it.

If you wish to run, setup or work on documentation, you will need to install sphinx and a few related dependencies.These can be installed with:

If you wish to run linting, pylint, black and flake8 have been setup and can be run with:



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