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Clash of Clans is the popular mobile strategy action game of the past years. Based on a multiplayer game format, users are able to build a city and strategically expend it while interacting with other players/cities around you. This soundboard contains some of the sound effects. Clashfarmer bot is the safest bot available, as it is the only Clash of Clans Bot that comes with Anti-ban technology. While other bots that are available on the web might give you a competitive advantage for a short time, if they do not have Anti-ban technology, your account will eventually be banned. Clashfarmer will keep this from happening.

Welcome to Giant COCs.
So much to say, but not nearly motivated enough to type it. Below are the things you need to know.

War Castle Donation Schedule HERE
UPDATED 5/13/15

Most common rules regarding clan: Bold means it is REALLY IMPORTANT!!!
DOWNLOAD APP 'BINDLE' This is where we can share war layouts from opponents clan or communicate outside of the game to send reminders for people who haven't attacked or who might have a troop we need as a donation. Once you sign up for an account search for clan chat via #Giantcocs

Clash Of Clans Blog Download Free

  1. Read the entire post, it takes 3 minutes at most. Also if viewing from a mobile device, Chrome is the best browser to use so all links and pages display. Safari doesn't work well with Blogger. There is also a blogger app if you like instead. Links in Yellow mean you haven't clicked on them before, if they are red you have.
  2. Donate often and be active member.
  4. DONATE WHAT IS REQUESTED. If nothing is mentioned or a long time has passed since request was made, DEFAULT TROOP IS ARCHERS LEVEL 5+.
  5. Never request donations of troops you cannot yourself deliver unless for war or if someone is offering.
  7. Lastly, BE LOYAL, if you leave, unlikely we will let you back in. If you need to leave clan for a reason acceptable to leaders, just let them know ahead of time so we know to let you back in when you request.
  1. Make sure your Clan Castle is well protected in base and as centered as possible for Clan Wars Layout. NO TROLL BASES, people forget to change them back before war starts. It doesn't help and can only hurt us if you forget to change it back.
  2. Use both attacks in clan wars, or you will be eventually removed from the clan.
  3. NEW PEOPLE: We now have a feeder clan called GOBLIN COCs. When you first join you will either be directed to the feeder or allowed to show abilities in the main clan. You get one war to prove you should remain in main clan, or will be demoted to feeder to improve attacking approach. If you fail it is on you but we will try to help you improve and hopefully you realize this is a great clan to be apart of and going to feeder for some wars isn't the worse thing in the world, but an opportunity to become better.
  4. Attack for stars on your first attack, and attack someone similar base ranking as you, if you are not sure if it is OK who you want toattack....ASK ANY OF THE LEADERS BEFORE YOU ATTACK.
  5. Never TH SNIPE on Clan Wars unless given the green light by a leader. GREEN LIGHT ONLY MEANS USE SECOND ATTACK FOR EASY LOOT. FIRST ATTACK IS ALWAYS FOR STARS.
  6. Without anyone asking you tell me the name of your favorite band or musical artist is in following format. 'Russell, my fav band (or artist) is (insert band or artist)'
  7. Typically we want you to hold off on your second attack rather then rush into it. This will allow us to know if we have win secured and you can just go for 'easy loot'
TH 10: 1-2 Max Witches/1 Max Dragon/2-3 Max Wizards/Max Barbs/Archers/Minions
TH 9: 1 Max Witch/Max Dragon/2-3Max Wizards/1-2 Max Balloons/1 Max Valk/ Max Barbs/Archers/Minions
TH 8: 1 Max Witch or Max Valk/Max Dragon/2-3 Max Wizards/1 Max Balloons/ Max Barbs/Archers/Minions

In regards to clan wars, our belief is if everyone gets 3 stars on their first attack, that can leave their second attack for easy loot. Usually there is one base in the top 15 that has their TH out of walls or at least easy access to it. As long as you one star a base, regardless if it has already been 3 starred, you get the war loot bonus. This allows wars to not only be fun for domination but profitable as well.
If you do not know how many of these to make, go to you tube and search for it or ask a CO.
TH 9: GoHoWiWi
TH 9: LaBaMi (2-3 Level 2+ Lava Hounds, 20-24 Max Balloons, Rest Level 4+ Minions)
TH 9: GoWiPE with 1-2 balloons for CC
TH 9: GoWiWi with 1-2 balloons for CC
TH8: Dragons (8 Level 3) and Hogs (8 Level 3+ plus hogs in CC)
TH 8: Dragons and Balloons (4 balloons plus max balloons in CC)
TH 8: Level 4 Hogs 25-30 with some Wiz or Archers to handle opponents CC

There are a few people who are allowed to attack the top bases of their own Town Hall level but for new people and members who are not our top level attackers, I like to see a bottom up approach for three stars. If you feel the bottom of your equal TH level is a little too easy, then go up but make sure you are attacking someone you can three star. If you are unsure about this, ask a C.O or myself. So if you are number 14 on our map, a TH8 and and/unsure of your attacking abilities and our opponents lowest level TH8 is their number 19 on the map, that is fine to attack it. We have members who might rank lower on map who can always get three stars on their equal TH level, and they can teach/show you how.

So we now have a feeder clan called Goblin COCs. If you are not doing well in wars in the main clan, you will be relegated to the feeder. If you are doing well and we need someone from feeder, you are welcome to join main clan. Main clan will only have TH7s with dragons level 2+ going forward. People making the transition from TH level will be recommended to move to feeder until they get the required troops for their TH, which I outline below.
TH7 Minimum Troops for Main Clan: Dragons 2
TH8 Minimum Troops for Main Clan: Dragons 3 (Hogs 3+ would be also a huge plus)
TH9 Minimum Troops for Main Clan: Either Max Balloons with Lava Hounds or Golems 3+ with Wizards 5+ and Max Hogs
TH10 Minimum Troops for Main Clan: Either combo of Max Balloons and Lava Hounds 2+ (perk if level 2+ freeze spell) or Golems 4+ with Max Wizards and Pekka 4+ (TH10s must also have both infernos available for war defenses)

If you are asked to go to the feeder, don't take it personal...realize we still want to keep you as a member but we have other members to think about and our number one focus is always going to be winning wars. People who decide that isn't for them, well we aren't the clan for them then!Clash of clans blog download free
Simple huh?
Please let me know that you read this in global chat or once you download line. If you answered the question in the list, I will know you actually read the whole thing...or I will assume you had LOL.
I prefer you reply here, but some have issues replying to blog, usually iPhone users using Safari browser. If you download the Chrome Browser App, you will be able to post. When posting please leave your screen name in clash of clans so I know who you are.