Clash Of Clans Base Layout Download

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Clash Of Clans Base Layouts Download

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Clash Of Clans Townhall 3 Base Layout!

So your pretty knew to COC and have got to th3 and want a base to keep your trophies recources etc.
Ok now since you all have different preferences and want different bases to suit your needs so you get 3 choices there is farming (Farming is where you favour your resources over your tophies or wins) there is trophy (where you favour winning and getting trophies over your resources) and finally hybrid. (Hybrid is a mix between a farming base and a trophy base) Ok lets start with a farming base
ClansSecondly we have a trophy base :D
And finally the mix between the both.. a hybrid base
Thats all for Th3 well for now anyway and till next time 'Keep On Clashing!'