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Clash of clans base download android game

Clash Bases Th13


Clash Base Designer Android latest 1.2.2 APK Download and Install. Quickly design COC Base Layouts (COC maps) of any Town Hall for Clash of Clans.

  • Ridiculous

    By sftwrdvlpr
    Timed ads that are way too long and cover the whole screen, navigation is a joke, info doesn't even fit on the screen, this is pretty terrible.
  • I use the website for reference this app is not that

    By quirkzoo
    Downloaded, was hit with a 5 second add I couldn't skip, then I figured out navigation and tried to look up how much the next giant upgrade would cost. Alas, all the information is totally out of date. Deleted the app, worthless, stick to the terrible formatting of the wiki page.
  • Incorrect Data

    By pattyp11111
  • Garbage

    App is littered with adds. Downloaded and deleted
  • Do not waste your money

    By Stewdog33
    This app was useful at first but failed to keep up with updates. Some of the info in this app is outdated by four mounts or more. If there was a no star option thats what I would give this app. You can find better updated info on google. Don't waste your money on this app.
  • Useful but outdated

    By Drnonathon
    Having the wiki available offline is great, but when several updates have come out and the app isn't updated it's useless. I wouldn't be as disappointed if it weren't a paid app. Don't waste your money.
  • Don't buy

    By Devoe101
    Man...... I'm done with this app, they don't update nothing. Wasted my dollar on this crap, I coulda spent my dollar at the 99 cent store my dude smh. All I I want to do is clash with knowledge.
  • Cretic

    By Chris 890
    Fantastic app way better then the rest, I love the way it is presented, only one con it doesn't update as soon as they update comes out or usualy 2 weeks or more after the clash of clans up date comes out but other than that great app
  • Great

    By MalikWebster
  • OutDated

    Don't waste your money out dated videos don't work I want my dollar back