C++ Lua Game Engine Design

The Cafu Engine is an all-purpose, modern 3D graphics engine and game development kit, feature complete to get you started quickly.

Effortless C interop. You can make lua bindings for anything written in c with minimal effort. Now to this specific engine. Lua has one of the simplest and most beloved game frameworks out there - Love2d. Its almost a foundational game framework for so many people (like pygame in python, XNA etc), including yours truly. In this course we'll use the following technologies: C is a powerful compiled language. SDL2 is a library for rendering and handling input. GLM is a math helper library. Dear ImGui is a library to create UI for engine tooling. Sol is a binding library for C & Lua. Lua is fast and easy to use scripting language. Fundamentals of 2D Game Engines with C SDL and Lua. Inkscape is a vector graphical software, which makes it perfect for 2D game element design. During the course we will learn the theory of game UI design, and we will create: several icons and icon sets. Buttons and menus in various styles.

It can be used to create a variety of 3D applications, including games, simulations, and training and architectural software. Written in C++, the tools, libraries and framework have been designed to make the development of new games and other 3D applications easy. They are actively and continuously developed in order to provide the latest technology. Cafu is open-source software distributed under the very liberal MIT license. It may be used for any purpose, including commercial purposes, at absolutely no cost. Just download it and use it.

  • high-quality, real-time 3D graphics with a very powerful and flexible material system,
  • cross-platform and cross-compiler portability,
  • very fast built-in network code for multi-player internet and LAN games,
  • dynamic per-pixel lighting and shadows, combined with physically correct Radiosity,
  • very large terrain rendering, skeleton based model rendering,
  • 3D sound effects with a powerful sound system,
  • uses the powerful Lua language for map scripting, entity scripting and GUI scripting,
  • distributed under the very liberal MIT license.

C++ Lua Game Engine Designation


Game Engines That Use Lua


The latest version of Cafu is always available from our Git repository.

C++ Lua Game Engine Design

See Getting Started with the Cafu Source Code for step-by-step instructions on how to compile the Cafu source code and run the binaries.