How to shop zero waste during these challenging times?

Hello Zero Waste Fam, 

I hope you all are doing well, and staying safe amidst this challenging time. I ran all out on groceries yesterday and had to make a quick run to the nearest Walmart. Due to social distancing measures, for which I can't blame them, my cashier refused to touch my re-usable grocery bags. I didn't bother explaining and went to the self-checkout lane. I know that sometimes, it cannot be an option to go to a bulk grocery store, or to farmer's market especially when you run out of stuff. So I thought to share how I shop my groceries in stores like Loblaws, and Walmart without using plastic. 

I usually take one multi-pocket bag, three large produce bags and once canvas bags when I go to shop for more than a week (yes, got that Indian appetite). For mason jars, I use ones I get from sauces, spices, jams, and spreads, basically anything that is packaged in jars. I like to go really creative with them, and use the magnetic chalk-board label thingy- not sure what they're called exactly, to label them ,and also write the tare weight. Enough of my blabbering-- 

Lastly, when I go to store, I like to ditch those tiny polythene produce bags but instead leverage the pockets available in the GoEcoway bags, to segregate the veggies, and that also keeps the greens like spinach, celery, asparagus upright and doesn't squish them or make them mushy in the bag which is a huge win-win. I like to use the middle portion for mason jars with nuts, candies and chocolates, and nasty big sized veggies like cabbage, cauliflower. Hey did you know the bulk section in large grocery stores is closed- no snacks for me this week. 

Make sure you weigh your bags beforehand, otherwise already overburdened cashiers might get upset at you for not knowing the tare weight. I usually just skip weighing them, since they are so light weight. Try skipping the cashiers lane, and go straight to the self-checkout as evident from my experience yesterday. Weigh your veggies naked, and then slide them into different pockets, or as you like. 

I like to soak my veggies in Vinegar- Water solution for about 5-10 minutes after bringing them home to make sure it's cleaned properly. Then I dry it using an unpaper towel before keeping it in the fridge. 

In my next blog, I am going to be sharing how I store my veggies to make sure I they last long. 

Let me know what challenges have you been facing shopping zero waste during pandemic. 

PS- Make sure you're going with a shopping list, so that you don't stay at store for so long.