Not satisfied with your designer's work?

Hi y’all! Hope everyone is doing fine and keeping calm during this quarantine period! We are moving all the workshops online to help entrepreneurs be on track with their business creation. Anyways, coming straight to the topic.
Mood boards are sometimes called vision boards or inspiration boards. All Algonquin College students get free Shopify stores, and often we get requests to help them make their websites. Very often, after hours and days of hard work from designers, the clients don’t like the final result of what is provided. The main reason for this is that we entrepreneurs don’t often communicate how exactly we want our website and social media to be. In fact, sometimes we don’t even know what should be there.
So, I am writing a quick guide of how you all can create mood boards at home without any supplies. Please note I am not an expert in web designing. I am expressing how I manage social media and the website for my business - Go check it out!! 
Step 1: Write a list of your 5 competitors or what I call the inspiration for your business.
Step 2: Checkout their social media and website. Take notes and screenshots of what you like- could be the pictures, typography, quotes, fonts, colors. 
Step 3: Try to analyze what colors and pictures are standing out the most. Is it soft and subtle or dark and aggressive. Is it the minimal style you’re looking for or pop of colors works best for your brand’s identity?
Step 4: Lastly, I use this website called InVision and it’s FREE. Sign up by entering your email. Honestly, start dragging and dropping pictures or screenshots you liked.
I am sharing an example of what I and our web designer created. 
Voila!! Your mood board is ready. When you’re posting something on your instagram, social media try using the colors you have used in your mood board and share it with your web designer. 
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