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A 'Shimeji' is a little person that appears in your desktop and do things like multiply itself and look what are you doing :) They are so cute!!

's England was used for reference (the old one - so Wiz has a walking image missing.shot.) NOTE: Also, I've made a few alterations with what they're doing so it's best to avoid using this shimeji as a reference. I.e: Shimeji!Wiz does not eat, Shimeji Wiz does not come out of a box.


In this pack you have the shimejis of Vocaloid: Miku, Rin, Len, Meiko, Kaito, Yokune Ruko and a special Miku Sketch.

In this one, you have the K-ON! pack. This shimejis can talk (in japanese >o< ... jouch!!) Inside, you'll find Azusa, Mio, Ritsu, a table (to sit down the shimejis), Tsumugi and Yu :)

This pack include a lot of countries of Hetalia:
China, Latvia, Peru, America 1, America 2, America 3, Canada 1,Canada 2, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, Poland, Prussia, Russia 1, Russia 2, Russia 3, Spain and USA.

And last, random shimejis!:

Aph England Shimeji Park

Altair, Black Jack Williams, Deamond, Dotsu, Eile, Envy, Edwuard, GagMangaBiyori-Imoko, Gilbert Nightray, Koizumi_itsuki-Haruhi, Hellsing Alucard, Isla Yura, Jack, Kamui, Kaori, KHR-Xanxus, Kronos Shime, Kurushitsuji-Sebastian, Lavi, Masada, N Shimeji, Nien, Nightcrawler, Redranger, Sherlock, Shima, Kneesocks, Breack, Cirno, Dante and Elliot.

Aph England Shimeji Map